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LeBron and the Lakers
It's a new journey for LeBron James as he and his Lakers teammates aim to make the playoffs in a difficult Western Conference. This is LeBron's 3rd team, first time playing on a team in the West. I don't know what this year bring for LA, but we are soon going to find out. Once the team finds rhythm and gels together the young talent of the Lakers should be playing at a level not seen before. The Lakers might actually be a difficult team to compete with when they are on their A game. Having LeBron as a mentor is a major asset to these players, to any player for that matter. I expect to see a fast pace team capable of scoring at will with non-stop energy. Perhaps this will be something similar to the days of Magic Johnson. The Lakers have a variety of ball handlers who are capable of finding open teammates, setting them up for easy baskets. It will be on the defensive end where they need to come together if they are to accomplish the goal of winning a championship. I see the Lakers as being a top 4 team in the West, bold statement I know. Behind Golden State and Houston, the Lakers might possibly land in the the #3 or #4 position. Brandon Ingram is a player that will shine in this newly revamped lineup. He could become LeBron's "Scottie Pippen", maybe that is expecting too much. I see this season being a potential all star year for Ingram. NBA veteran JaVale McGee seems to be right at home in this lineup. The Lakers are thin at the center position, as long as he stays healthy all will be fine. McGee is capable of playing at the pace this team will be balling at this year. He looks to be in good health and a good fit, could be his best season yet.

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