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Lakers Walton "I do not have LeBron ... let me show you what you can do"
IMAGE SOURCE "We have to do what we can do best." LUKE WALTON the manager of the NBA, has praised young players for their strength in the club's ace, LeBron James and encouraged them to grow even more. LeBron is in the process of raising his body after suffering a groin injury in the away game against the Golden State Warriors on Monday. The Lakers scored 1 win and 2 losses in three games in a loss of center point. The Sacramento Kings on August 28, the Los Angeles Clippers on the 29th, lost to Sacramento on Wednesday, winning 121-114. The Lakers have recently been led by prospects such as Kyle Kuzma, Josh Hart, Brandon Ingram and Ronzo Ball. In particular, Kuzma has averaged 25.0 points, 8.66 rebounds, and 5 assists in three games without LeBron. Ingram also scored 21 points, seven rebounds and nine assists in Sacramento on 31st, helping the team win. "I do not want to be conscious about this part all the time, and I want the whole team to have a natural score," said Ingram. "Every player has a good pass and is focused on throwing the best shot." Walton said the young players did not panic even though they lost their ace and showed the best performance. Walton said, "LeBron is a huge player, and if he's on the court, his opponent will go into double-team defense, so other players on our team can have a good matchup or a good shot opportunity. "I did well in a recent game without LeBron," he praised. But Walton said, "We played fast this past season, we moved the ball without hesitation, we had a lot of opportunities in the outskirts, and now we have to show it again." If the situation is not good, you should move the ball to create an opportunity. Meanwhile, the Lakers are 21-16 with a season-high 6th in the Western Conference.

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