NBA / jusuf nurkic

Oklahoma City had three consecutive wins
IMAGE SOURCE Oklahoma City Thunder won 123-114 in the NBA regular season against Portland Trail Blazers in Oklahoma City at the Chesapeake Energy Arena. Oklahoma City had three consecutive wins. Oklahoma City defeated Portland, however, was braked in the third straight marathon. Oklahoma City scored 29 points, 10 rebounds and 14 assists in triple-double for Russell Westbrook. Paul George also scored 36 points. C. J. McCollum scored 31 points, including seven 3-pointers, but did not stop the team from defeating Portland. Oklahoma City, who opened the scoring for George in the early game, took the lead by scoring well. Oklahoma City then narrowed the gap to four points for Jusuf Nurkić. Oklahoma City ended the first quarter with 25-25, just five points behind George. After the second quarter, Oklahoma City flew and Portland continued to pursue. In the middle of the quarter, Westbrook and Patrick Patterson's three-point shot went off, and Oklahoma City made 42-34. After that, Oklahoma City continued to lead with an organic pass play. In the end, Oklahoma City ended the game with a 62-55 win. In the early third quarter, Oklahoma City allowed Damian Lillard to score in the first half of the second period. However, Jerami Grant's three-point shot and Westbrook's breakthrough scored, and Oklahoma City ran to 84-78. Oklahoma City scored in the third quarter with a 93-87 win over George. In the fourth quarter, Dennis Schroder (13) scored for Oklahoma City. Schroder's consecutive scoring added to George's dunks, resulting in a double-digit score difference. Portland was persistently pursued, but eventually failed to reverse. Oklahoma City, which succeeded in dunking after George stole it, However, he did not control Lillard and narrowed his score to four points. Oklahoma City then scored in the 117-108 lead, with George scoring for a quick error. Oklahoma City, which had a one-minute lead over Westbrook and scored 11 points after a breakthrough, was in fact a winner.

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