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Is it the same person? Klay Thompson completely different in December and January
IMAGE SOURCE The Golden State Warriors beat the Los Angeles Lakers 130-111 in the NBA's regular season 2018-2019 at Staples Center. Golden State ran a whopping eight straight victories after winning The Los Angeles Lakers. In the first game of the New Year, Houston lost to Golden State in an unfortunate defeat at 134-135. Since then, they have been going berserk. Based on this rise, Golden State succeeded in pushing out Denver and winning the first place in the Western Conference. Klay Thomson, who suffered from endless slump, was completely revived. Klay Thompson is one of the leading players in the Golden State. It was Thompson who suffered from a terrible shooting slump until December and raised a lot of worries. His average score in December was 18.1 points. In addition, Thompson was still unsuccessful in his batting average (40.8%) and 3-point shot success rate (33.7%). However, Thompson returned to the state of complete resurrection as if the new year had come to light. Thompson, who scored 26 points in the game against Houston on the 4th, began to stretch as he recovered his sense of shooting. Thompson's average score in January was 24.6 points before the game. The batting average went up to 52.7%, and a 3-point shot with a probability of 44.4% per game. It is indeed Thompson who has been completely different from December. KLAY THOMPSON DECEMBER / JANUARY RECORD COMPARISON DECEMBER: 18.1 points, 4.9 rebounds, 2.4 assists. Fortune rating: 40.8%, 3-point shot success rate: 33.7% (2.0 per game) JANUARY: (without the record on the day): 24.6 points 3.9 rebounds 1.8 assists. Competition: 52.7%, 3-point shot success rate: 44.4% (4.0 per game) In the game against Lakers, Thompson, who scored 11 points in the first quarter, posted a whopping 44 points, 26 minutes and 51 seconds into the third quarter. Meanwhile he tried 20, made 17, and 3-point shot put 10 of 11 starts into the rim. This was the first time that the Lakers had been in trouble. Klay Thompson, In his career, he was the fifth player to score more than 10 points in a game and 13th to score more than 40 points With this fully resurrected Thompson, along with DeMarcus Cousins, the Golden State began to show off the true majesty. Will they be able to win the championship again this season? Will Golden State continue to take on nine straight wins against Washington Wizards?