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Golden State Warriors Adjusts Gear and Crushes Oklahoma City Thunder
I find it highly attractive to see defending Golden State Warriors league champion face one of the best and most defensive teams in the west Oklahoma City Thunder on a stellar Saturday night that will bring us this exciting duel. Source Game Summary Warriors would come out with a lot of rhythm and they were precise in the offense in the first laps of the encounter they would take advantage of 10 digits, against a Thunder that was still difficult to enter with their dynamics of game, they would try to discount but the offensive volume of Warriors was extremely powerful and they would win the partial of the first period. Source Thunder would begin to work on a reaction that would seek to prevent the Warriors continue to move away, although the bay were showing a great fluidity in attack and imposed their forceful game against Oklahoma, would finish the first half 64 - 46 Warriors above. Second Half Golden State continued to play very well and executed effectively to maintain the advantage over the Thunder, who looked a bit lethargic with little response capacity, Thunder wins the quarter partial by a possession but Warriors led the match. Source At a steady pace the Warriors continued their excellent performance in both defensive and offensive play and in this last quarter became complicated a reaction of the Thunder who were lacking energy in this encounter, without reaction of their key pieces, with several minutes to play the teams would leave their respective benches in play, would end the 110 - 88 duel in a victory with forcefulness of the Warriors over the Thunder. Details and Personal Analysis Warriors are playing very well increasingly geared and it should be noted that they have obtained excellent victories and even lacking a key and stellar piece as Kevin Durant is, the performance of Cousins, Thompson and Curry has been excellent in these last games, in this specific encounter against Oklahoma they demonstrated their great offensive and defensive potential with so much forcefulness that the Thunder were seen dejected without a clear reaction from their stars who succumbed to the power of the Warriors, I believe in the personal thing that the team of the bay is savoring the arrival of the playoffs and they are coupling in great form the machinery for the future battle. Best Performances Stephen Curry 33 Pts. 7 Reb. 3 Ast. Klay Thompson 23 Pts. 8 Reb. 4 Ast. DeMarcus Cousins 12 Pts. 8 Reb. 6 Ast. Leave me your impressions if you enjoyed the game or read the publication.