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Golden State has a nine day long break ahead of the finals
IMAGE SOURCE Sweet and long rest. Golden State has a nine day long break ahead of the finals. This break will be a positive influence on the Golden State's third consecutive Victory. The Golden State Warriors beat the Portland Trail Blazers in the NBA Playoffs Western Finals 4 with 117-119 victory, the Golden State won 4-0 with a sweep of the series. Without Kevin Durant, he swiped Portland Despite a big scuffle, the Golden State quickly came to a "long vacation" as soon as the series ended unexpectedly. The 2019 NBA Finals first round will take place on the 31st. After 9 days, they can prepare for the finals. The long rest of the Golden State has become more meaningful as Milwaukee and Toronto's eastern final series have been showing signs of prolonged growth. Currently, Milwaukee and Toronto have a tough series with two wins and two losses. There is also an analysis that the series will continue until the seventh game. IMAGE SOURCE There is a reason why the 9-day long break from the Golden State is poisonous. It is the possibility that major casualties are prepared to return with a more relaxed mind. Kevin Durant, who has not been in any game since being injured in the fifth round of the Western semi-final against Houston, is on the verge of returning to the finals. There is a possibility that he will not be able to return to the court in time for the first leg But hopefully Durant will be back in the finals." DeMarcus Cousins ​​is talking about recovery and rehabilitation is progressing faster than Durant. Cousins was actually known to have trained faster than Durant. When Cousins and Durant return to the court at the same time during the finals, the power of Golden State becomes more powerful. Golden State's nine-day break is the longest day of rest for the team. The Golden State had five games without Durant, but the core players had to consume a lot of energy. Steven Curry, Klay Thompson, and De Raymond Green also had a bigger role, so they had a more physical burden than the Durant injuries. This rest seems to be more sweet because it can supplement the physical strength of the tired key players for nine days.