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NBA Talk #19: NBA Trade Rumors, Bradley Beal, Brandon Ingram and more!
Image Source What’s up basketball fans! I am here again @dwin0603 to give you another exciting basketball discussion for another episode of NBA talk, and today we will talk about the hot NBA trade rumors including the names of Bradley Beal, Brandon Ingram and more! Let’s do this! The trade deadline is approaching very fast and it means that the playoffs is also nearing, so every NBA teams are in search for key players to add to their teams especially the playoff bound teams as they try to make their squad stronger and ready in a more intense battle in the playoffs. There are a lot of trade rumors these past few days and the names I am going to discuss here are the players that are in the headlines every single day. Brandon Ingram Image Source This one is one of the hottest names. Brandon Ingram. We all know that last season, Magic Johnson is securing Brandon Ingram for their future and the Lakers treat him as their most valuable asset. Magic even made him untouchable or in other words, he is the only player in their roster that cannot be traded. But after they acquire LeBron James this past summer, things went a little different now. Ingram’s value is decreasing slowly and his name is now attached to plenty of trade talks. His lack of consistency is the main reason as I said in my previous blogs about Ingram and the Lakers. In my own opinion, the Lakers should risk trading Ingram to a second star next to LeBron James for L.A. to have a better chance in competing for the championship. Magic should not waste LeBron's good year and should immediately compete now. If I'm Magic, I'm going to get Anthony Davis and I will aggressively try to trade for him. Bradley Beal Image Source As I also said in my previous blog about Bradley Beal trade rumors, the Toronto Raptors are the front-runners in acquiring Bradley Beal but it would cost them a lot of sacrifices. Pairing him with Kawhi Leonard would be something special but it can also destroy team chemistry and key role players will be reduced. There are many options to consider for the Wizards. The Lakers can also give them a nice offer but I think the Lakers should not go for him. Beal is a great shooter and a great player overall but I still can't think that he's the missing piece for the Lakers to totally compete against the power house teams in the West. Another option for them is trading Beal to the Pelicans. The Pelicans would love that idea. If they acquire Beal, it can be a sweetener to make AD stay with them. The Pelicans will also get a huge boost offensively with the help of Beal. Enes Kanter Image Source Enes Kanter is recently not seeing any action on the floor as he is being benched by the New York Knicks. Reports said that the Knicks are trying to shop their starting center and the rumored destinations for him are the Portland Trail Blazers, Oklahoma City Thunder and the Golden State Warriors. Kanter is a tough player and he is not afraid of anyone, even if it's "The King" LeBron James or the "Queen" or whoever is on his way. He's not going to back down and that would be a great help for any contending teams. According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, New York is planning to deal Kanter to the Sacramento Kings in exchange for veteran big man Zach Randolph. Kristaps Porzingis Image Source Last but not the least is Kristaps Porzingis of the New York Knicks. According to reports, the San Antonio Spurs are interested in the Latvian forward and they will try to acquire him not via trade but in free agency. It will be a challenge for San Antonio because they have to make enough cap space to acquire Porzingis which is I think not possible. Porzingis will be a great addition for the Spurs and I'm sure he will thrive in San Antonio. Coach Greg Popovich is well-known in developing foreign players. Look at Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker. Porzingis is already a stud and pairing him with Coach Greg with 2 all-stars DeMar DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldridge will make him even better for sure.