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NBA Talk #82: Did you Know that the Knicks tried to acquire Donovan Mitchell?
Image Source What's up basketball fans! I am here again @dwin0603 to give you another exciting basketball discussion for another episode of NBA Talk, and today we will talk about Donovan Mitchell and the rumors that the Knicks tried trading for him back in January. Let's do this! The Knicks traded their future to the Dallas Mavericks in exchange for Dennis Smith Jr. and DeAndre Jordan. Yes, I was talking about Kristaps Porzingis. It was the biggest trade of the season in my opinion and that was a huge move by the Knicks letting Zinger go. The Knicks are up to something big that's why they make big decisions like this. They are preparing for the biggest summer of the past decades for them. A chance to sign Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving and getting a top draft pick. But before that, did you know that the Knicks also tried to trade for Donovan Mitchell? The Knicks sacrificed Kristaps to start the process and find a new star for the City of New York. They tried offering Porzingis to the Utah Jazz in exchange for the 23-year-old star Donovan Mitchell. But the ending is not good because the Jazz declined and continued to keep believing in Mitchell. They probably think that Mitchell has the potential to be one of the top players some day. A player in a level of Dwyane Wade in his younger years. Image Source Mitchell is having another strong season averaging almost 24 points while shooting 43 percent from the field. His strong showing puts the Jazz in a good position and now clinched another playoff spot for the second consecutive season with Mitchell. Remember that the Knicks had the chance to put their hands on Mitchell last 2017 NBA draft but they screwed it up and passed on him selecting Frank Ntilikina who is now looking like a huge bust. It was a huge mistake and they should be regretting this now big time. But it's already happened so the Knicks should just move on and focus on this coming summer. That is all for today folks! I would love to hear your opinions about this article so drop your comments now and let's have some basketball talk! :)