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The NBA has a lot of players. But there are not as many players who play in a spectacular spotlight. A lot of unknown players outside the spotlight. The main characters of this time are Landry Shamit and Malik Beasley. IMAGE SOURCE Landry Shamet PROFILETeam: LA ClippersNominations: 2018 First Round 26th PlaceFrom: Wichita State UniversityPosition: Shooting GuardDate of Birth: March 13, 1997Height: 196 cm (6 feet 5 inches)Weight: 85kg (188 lbs) The trade deadline for this season was a lot more toxic trade than usual. One of the most talked about events was the trip to Philadelphia. Philadelphia had a big trade with three players, two first-round picks and a second-round pick, bringing in Tobias Harris, Boban Marjanović and Mike Scott from the Los Angeles Clippers. Landry Shamet, who joined Philadelphia in the 26th overall round of the New York draft last June, has been shown to have weaker handling skills and mild athleticism. That's why Landry, who served as the state scorer for two consecutive seasons at Wichita, fell down in the second half of the first round. However, after entering the pro's, Landry Shamet is succeeding in survival by maximizing his advantage. After training camps and pre-seasons, Shamet, who was picked up early by the Philadelphia coaching staff, has since played in all of the games and has become a new core bench resource for Philadelphia. Especially, the movements along with the 3-point shot line and the catch-and-shoot movements are team-mate and senior JJ Redick. On January 9th, he scored 29 points, including eight 3-pointers alone, to lead the team's victory. It was only 23 minutes and 38 seconds of playing time. And on the eighth day of the trade deadline, Landry Shamet was included in a big trade and changed his Team. In the first two games after the transfer, he has 17 points and 15 points each, adapting quickly to the Clippers. During the remaining season, Landry is expected to receive more opportunities at the Clippers. There is something to be reduced in order for Landry Shamet to become a bigger player. It is a straight forward relief. Despite having a relatively steady tournament opportunity since the rookie season, Landry Shamet has a lot of games that score a single goal. Of course, relief to the shooter is inevitable. But Landry Shamet might become a successor to JJ Redick, it will be necessary to reduce the total ups and downs and increase the average of his performance. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ IMAGE SOURCE Malik Beasley PROFILE Team: Denver NuggetNominations: First Round of 2016, 19th overallFrom: Florida State UniversityPosition: Shooting GuardDate of Birth: November 26, 1996Height: 196 cm (6 feet 5 inches)Weight: 98kg (196 lbs) Denver is a team that has completely changed the top of the Western Division this season. Denver, who missed the playoffs for the last two years, is 39-18 with a 2-1 lead in the Western Division and is in the lead for six years. But not all of Denver's all-season runs were close to cruising. The key players were hit by a series of injuries. Especially Gary Harris, who was the primary shooting guard, and Will Barton, the keyball handler and Isaiah Thomas whom could not play in many games. The player who solved the problem was Malik Beasley. Malik Beasley is not a player with excellent physical conditions. The athletic ability can not be seen as excellent. However, he has a good understanding of defense and has a very high efficiency of 3-point shooting. Beasley has an average of 12.0 points per game, 24.1 minutes per game, with a 50.3% opponent and 43.3% success. The number of successful 3-point shoots per game is 2.2 in the team. In addition to Jamal Murray, he is the best three-point shooter in the team. Surprisingly, during the first two seasons of his debut, Beasley was a garbage player that averaged 8.9 minutes per game. But this season is completely different and reveals the full potential of the first round nominee. Only 10 games of this season he has scored 20 goals or more. On February 2, he scored 35 points on both teams, leading the team to victory. That's why we can not miss Beasley when we talk about Denver's success this season.

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