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Lakers Ingram "There are no Lebron and Rondo ... but young players have a chance"
IMAGE SOURCE "It's a chance for young players." Brandon Ingram of the Los Angeles Lakers (NBA) is a chance for young players to grow up against key drivers such as LeBron James and Rajon Rondo. The Lakers were hit for the first time in the season. Both LeBron (groin) and Rondo (finger) are injured at the same time and can not know the exact date of the return. LeBron's injury is not known to be great, but the Lakers plan to wait until he is able to play. In the case of Rondo, it is reported that the colon can be lengthened as it is referred to surgery. The Lakers were 20-15 with a fifth-place Western Conference record. I have not been in the playoffs for 5 consecutive seasons since 2013 ~ 2014, but the atmosphere is good for a long time. However, there was a fear that the team atmosphere would be shaken by injuring the players who will serve as the center point of the teams such as LeBron and Rondo. But the Ingram winner of the Los Angeles Times is "another opportunity for younger players," as the injury to LeBron and Rondo is similar to that of last season's team (because LeBron and Rondo are missing) It's a lot of teams, the younger players have eaten one more game, played more games, and have more experience, and I want to show my performance on the court. " "I have to touch the ball more and play more and more, I need to develop especially in defense, I will be able to grow through this opportunity," said Ingram. We know what to do next, and we have to push it to the end. " Ingram, who joined the Lakers in second place overall in 2016, has averaged 15.8 points, 4.0 rebounds and 2.2 assists in 24 regular games this season. Meanwhile, the Lakers lost 116-117 in Sacramento off the regular season '2018 to 2019 NBA' at the Golden 1 center in Sacramento, California. Ingram had 22 points but failed to defeat the team. The Lakers play home game against the Los Angeles Clippers and it's time for Ingram to lead the team to victory.