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LeBron James' 51 points and the first triumph in Miami since 2014
Los Angeles Lakers won with Miami Heat 113:97. LeBron James lead the team to the victory in Florida and scored 51 points. Former Miami Heat player did not win at the former club' area since 2014 when he left Miami Heat. Image source In the first quarter of the meeting, LBJ showed that he is hungry for the game. During 12 minutes, James scored eight of ten throws from the game and he already had 19 points after the first part of the match. As it turned out, it was only the beginning of his very good performance, which stopped at 51 points. It was a special match for him, Miami is the place where he achieved most of his successes. He won twice the NBA championship with the Heat team (2012, 2013). As a guest in the AmericanAirlines Arena, it has always been hard for him to perform well. In his career he played 18 such meetings, he won only five, including yesterday. Before this match, his previous triumph in this Florida state was in January 2010. The "King" became the fifth player in the history of the NBA, who threw more than 50 points in three different teams (Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat and now the Los Angeles Lakers). Other players are Jamal Crawford, Bernard King, Moses Malone and Wilt Chamberlain. This achievement would not be possible if the final action of the match did not happen, LeBron made a three-pointer that raised his points from 48 to 51. In this situation LBJ-a provoked Lance Stephenson putting a friend from the team a small challenge - I bet you will not get in three. You have the ball and finish the match - Stephenson would have said it to him according to LeBron. In the next few days for the four-time MVP player will have another sentimental return to well-known parts. During the night from Wednesday to Thursday, the Lakers team will compete in Cleveland with Cavaliers - a team in which James started his career and spent most of his time there.

Random Stats & Facts - Lakers vs Blazers
If you ask Portland fans who their team’s biggest rival is undoubtedly the most popular answer will be the Los Angeles Lakers. The Blazers have faced the hated Lakers eleven times in the Playoffs and the two teams have been involved in many memorable series, games and moments. It is fitting then that the NBA has chosen Moda Center as the venue for LeBron’s Laker debut, against a Portland team under pressure after last season’s Playoff failure. Here are some random stats & facts ahead of tomorrow’s game: 1. Portland owns a 32-10 regular season mark against the Lakers at Moda Center. 2. The Lakers last registered a win in the Rose City on March 3, 2014. Portland is 7-0 since that 1 point Los Angeles win. 3. The Lakers have played their season opener in Portland on one previous occasion, winning 96-86 on 31st October 2000. 4. The Blazers opened their season against the Lakers at home on two other occasions (LA had played already) and won both games in 2002 & 2012. 5. Luke Walton has never won a game as Lakers Coach against the Blazers. Terry Stotts boasts a perfect 7-0 record in their matchups. 6. Walton is the only current NBA Coach who’s Father has a jersey retired by an NBA franchise. Bill Walton’s #32 was retired by the Blazers on opening night in 1989. 7. LeBron James averages 26.7 points, 9.6 rebounds and 6.7 assists in 14 career games in Portland, he has shot 48.7 percent from the field. 8. LeBron has lost his last 5 games in Portland (Miami won in 2013 but LeBron was inactive) by an average margin of 14.8 points. He has not recorded a win at the venue since March 1st 2012. His overall record is 6-8, (4-7 with Cleveland 2-1 with the Heat). 9. The Blazers biggest win at Moda Center against LA was by 27 points on April 13, 1999. LA’s biggest victory was 17 on February 6, 2010. 10. Both teams recorded their highest score at Moda Center against each other in the same game when Portland recorded a 128-120 double overtime victory on April 14, 2002. Enjoy the game everyone!

Laker Lebron in excellent shape