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NBA Rumors: The Biggest Trades That Might Happen in the Offseason Part 2
Image Source What's up basketball fans! I am here again @dwin0603 for another episode of NBA Rumors, to give you the hottest and latest news and trade rumors all around the NBA! Let's do it basketball fans! NBA teams are expected to load up in the offseason. Some teams will just simply add role players that'll complete their desire roster construction. Some will not make big moves because of the rebuilding process and some teams will bid for top superstars to join them. Now, let's take a look at part 2 of the trades that might actually happen in the offseason. Aaron Gordon to Portland? Image Source Orlando has been playing well this season but still short for a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. But despite not making the playoffs, they still show some flashes of improvement. After the season ends, there will be a lot of questions for them and number 1 is, will Nikola Vucevic re-sign with the Magic? Or will he find a new home to play for now that he's an all-star? Other than that, how will they improve their roster? Looks like Aaron Gordon and Jonathan Isaac is not a great fit so one of them should go. Portland was recently interested in Aaron Gordon so we might see a Gordon McCollum trade in the offseason. Anthony Davis to the Celtics? Image Source This probably has the highest percentage of trades that may happen. AD looks like Celtics bound right now and it's likely to happen in the offseason. After the Lakers failed in their negotiations with the Pelicans, the Boston Celtics will surely have a monster package for AD. The assets that the Celtics has looks like the best if they include Gordon Hayward and Jaylen Brown in the package together with Jayson Tatum. It will be hard for the Pelicans to decline this kind of offer so, this trade is likely a done deal. Lonzo Ball to the Suns? Image Source The Lakers will do whatever they can to get AD even if losing some key young stars is what will cost them to get the deal done. But it's unlikely to happen now and still, Lonzo Ball might be on the move. In the middle of the AD trade talks before the trade deadline, LaVar Ball said that Zo is a good fit in Phoenix so we might expect the Suns to draw some interest on Zo. But before that, they will surely target guard Ja Morant in the draft and if they didn't get him, they should consider trading for Lonzo Ball. That is all for today folks! I would love to hear your thoughts about this article so drop your comments now and let's have some basketball talk. 😁