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NBA Playoffs 1st Round: Los Angeles Clippers Defeat Golden State Warriors and Survive One More Day Forcing a 6th Game
5th meeting of the series where the Angeles Clippers have shown that they have a competitive team, it will be interesting the strategy they deploy tonight against the defending champions, Golden State Warriors who want to liquidate the series at home, but the Clippers have the option of surviving. Source Game Summary Clippers would enter with rhythm in the game and would take a minimal advantage, Warriors followed the trail, with 4 minutes to finish Golden State would equal the score and then would go up in the match winning the partial and leading the encounter. Source Los Angeles would return discounted the advantage and would go up by 2 possessions in an excellent defensive and offensive effort by the Clippers, the Warriors had difficulty approaching the good defense played by Clippers, Los Angeles would win the partial of the fourth and would move to lead the encounter 71 - 63 at the end of the first half. Second Half Clippers continued showing control in the game and they had to do it because if they lost they would be eliminated, they continued with an advantage of 10 digits and playing in great form to Warriors it was complicated for them to discount, in a clear reaction Golden State elevated their level and they were placed to 1 possession, but the Clippers had the immediate answer and recovered the advantage, Los Angeles would win the partial of the period and led the encounter. Source The game of the Angels was being absolutely of resistance and maintained the advantage of 10 digits, but Warriors would raise its defensive intensity and discounted the advantage back to 1 possession with 4 minutes to play, the encounter would enter its best point with Lou Williams scoring incredibly in a duel against Durant, the closing of the Clippers would be masterful with one of the best resistances of a team under pressure of elimination, great victory of Clippers 129 - 121 over the Warriors. Details and Personal Analysis It was a great match where the Clippers made an intelligent game against the Warriors as visitors, Los Angeles dominated much of the match but Warriors matched the game on several occasions, even went upstairs, but the determination of the Clippers with their 2 offensive guides the best 6th man of the NBA in a masterful night in one of their best games along with Harrell who also had an excellent encounter, managed to give victory to his team and avoid elimination by forcing a 6th game, the closing of the Clippers was one of the best against the defending champion. Best Performances Lou Williams 33 Pts. 4 Reb. 10 Ast. Danilo Gallinari 26 Pts. 7 Reb. Montrezl Harrell 24 Pts. 5 Reb. Leave me your impressions if you enjoyed the meeting or read the publication.

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