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NBA Talk #63: Should the Lakers start tanking now?
Image Source What's up basketball fans! I am here again @dwin0603 to give you another exciting basketball discussion for another episode of NBA Talk, and today we will talk about the Los Angeles Lakers' bad season and how should they handle the rest of the season. Let's do this! Everybody in Los Angeles rejoiced after Magic Johnson and the Los Angeles Lakers brought LeBron in L.A. They felt that their hopes of seeing the Lakers back to the playoffs again or even to the Finals might come true with LeBron signing with the team. That was before the season began but problems stopped the Lakers from chasing that goal and fans' hopes are likely to be gone again. It's almost impossible for the Lakers to reach even the playoffs this season and the worst thing about this is how people put the blame on LeBron James. It will be a major hit in his career as he misses the playoffs after 8 consecutive finals appearances. That streak would eventually end too. This will hurt this legacy but I don't it that it's that much. I'm sure he will come back stronger next season and the organization will fix all the wrong decisions they made this season. So, what should the Lakers do now? Image Source One good option for them is to save LeBron James' health and energy and start tanking and aim for a high draft prospect. They should start sacrificing this season and make a brand new start next season making better decisions. They should now shift their focus on getting a young player or a high draft pick to include in a trade for Anthony Davis. I think the Lakers are still engage with the Anthony Davis trade talks and that would probably be their priority in the summer. According to Chris Haynes, the Lakers already gave minute restrictions to LBJ and he will not be playing back-to-back games. I think this is a sign that they are already giving up this season which is a smart move because the playoffs is out of reach for them now. There's no point to win games right now because that would only decrease their chance to get a good draft prospect. I think it's the best choice for them to do. It's the right thing, giving LeBron the much needed rest to get ready for the next season and tanking at the same time to get more assets to get a second star next to LeBron. That is all for today folks! What do you think? Is it the right thing to do for the Lakers? Should they start tanking? Well, I would be glad to hear your comments about this article so drop your comments now and let's have some basketball talk! :)

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