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NBA Rumors: DJ to L.A., Gortat to the Warriors and more!
Image Source What's up basketball fans! I am here @dwin0603 to introduce to you my newly created segment here in scorum called NBA Rumors. I created this to give you the latest news and trade rumors all around the NBA! If you are reading my everyday NBA Talk, I'm sure you will love this one too! Let's begin basketball fans! DJ to L.A.? Let's start with this rumor here. We all know how the Lakers looked right now. They are all messed up and they needed all the help they could get at this point to make it all the way to the playoffs. But their chances of getting help is thinner after the trade deadline passes and the only place to look for is the buy out market. There are a lot of rumors that the Lakers are eyeing Knicks' center DeAndre Jordan. But the time is running out because there are only few days remaining before the March first's eligibility waiver deadline. So the Knicks should have bought him out right now for the Lakers to have a chance to sign him. Jordan would be glad to get out of the tanking New York Knicks and join a contending team, but the big question here is, are the Lakers still a contender? Image Source Gortat Wants to Join the Warriors After the Clippers released Marcin Gortat, the center from Poland has only one team in mind, the Golden State Warriors. Gortat is nearing retirement so I believe he wanted to win a championship before he retire and the easiest path to win a chip is to join the Warriors. The Clippers released Gortat to make some room for Ivica Zubac and now he is available in the market. The Warriors can use Gortat's experience in the playoffs and play a role in their second unit. The Bucks recently tried to acquire Gortat but he declined it as well as other teams that made their offer. Gortat is focus only in joining the Warriors and we can't blame him because it's the best choice. Image Source Draymond Green will hire Rich Paul as his Agent According to Yahoo Sports, Draymond Green is very close in signing Rich Paul as his agent. Draymond still has one year remaining in his 5-year contract with the Warriors which he signed back in 2015. Green, the 3-time all star is one of the best defenders in the league as of now and if he becomes a free agent, many teams would surely love to have his services for their franchise. That is only if the Warriors and Green will not agree in a contract extension. In people's eye, Green and Durant don't have a good relationship and the Warriors priority is Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson so maybe, Green might be gone sooner than we expected. That is all for today folks! What do you think about these trade rumors? I would be glad to hear your opinions about this article so drop your comments now and let's have some basketball talk! :)