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Boston Celtics Smoothly Defeats New York's Novel Knicks
Duel between the Boston Celtics of the best teams of the east facing the last place of the table in the New York Knicks league on Friday night NBA. Source Game Summary The encounter began very balanced on the part of both teams, the Knicks began without complexes doing their game but without part of the players who were involved in the change for New York, good performance on the part of the teams in this first quarter wins Celtics by 2 possessions. Source At the beginning of the second period Celtics increased its level of game and little by little they were increasing the advantage on the Knicks that were surpassed by the defensive intensity of Boston and did not find formulas to counteract, ends the first time 56 - 47 up Celtics. Second Half The Knicks tried to diminish the advantage, but Celtics remained firm in their game, in the last minutes of the fourth Knicks began to react and intensified the defense considerably diminishing to 2 possessions the advantage of the Celtics, Knicks win the partial in this quarter with better performance in their game. Source Celtics in this period elevated their level of game and began to increase the advantage by means of their shots in the perimeter and their powerful offensive, the Knicks began to see themselves without arguments to respond and Celtics took the control of the game to pleasure, finishes the encounter 113 - 99 in victory with authority for Celtics on the Knicks. Details and Personal Analysis This game began very balanced because the first quarters the Knicks were moderately close on the scoreboard, even though they were playing with all the less experienced players, as the team was involved in a recent change with the Dallas team, so these players were making their best effort playing against one of the best team as they are the Boston Celtics, who in the last quarter oiled the machine and began to play as they are accustomed but with pleasure to take control of the game and take victory over the Knicks. Best Performances Kyrie Irving 23 Pts. 10 Reb. 6 Ast. Marcus Morris 18 Pts. 5 Reb. Leave me your impressions if you enjoyed the meeting or read the publication.

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