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NBA Highlights Episode 2: Dwyane Wade thought about Retirement way back in the Miami Heat Big 3 Era
Img. Source When Dwyane Wade turns 30, knee issues had been troubling him during the Miami Heat's big three championship runs. Going to the Finals 4 consecutive times and winning it 2 times were tough achievements that not every player can ever achieve tells D-Wade to keep going but his knee problems says he should stop. There are times during that championship run that D-Wade was almost forced to stop playing because of those knee injuries but the 13-times all-star was mentally tough. Even when he felt that every morning was a nightmare because of the unbearable pains that his knees aches so much that he couldn't even wear his underwear, simple task are getting too hard for him and the pain is growing almost everyday, he does not stop. He fought against it. There are also times that he went to a game and after the game, his knees got swollen when they got to the locker room. A lot of good things are keeping him to stay and play the game of basketball. He's playing with the best team in the league with two of the best players also in their prime and winning championships with them. Img. Source He was not only hurt physically, he's also hurt mentally and sometimes, it's more painful mentally than physically. He underwent several surgeries and there are times that all he's feeling was all pain, dealing with arthritis, swelling, severe pain, and all the bad effects from his injuries and surgeries. It was all pain and that time, he said to himself that he didn't want to do it anymore. He doesn't want to be in pain because it's killing him. And that's it, he was thinking about retirement at that moment. He missed several games during that period of the Big three era because of those injuries. Fans don't realize how hard is that for a player like him. They only see the joy in the court and the success of the team but they don't see the hardship and the sacrifices behind those success. And when we look back at it and thought, what if D-Wade decided back then? What if he retired earlier? How could it change the league? We never know but thanks D-Wade was a tough guy and he still keeps on playing after overcoming all those struggles in his historic career. Now, Wade is truly in his retirement period playing the last season of his career. We will forever remember one of the greatest shooting guards who ever played the game and I am one of those lucky guys that watched him play throughout his career.