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Toronto Raptors New NBA Champions after 24 Years of Creation Defeating the Golden State Warriors Dynasty
Great attractive game of the NBA finals where you can define the future of the next champion of the league, will be a meeting of great importance where the Toronto Raptors can step forward for the championship or the Golden State Warriors stay alive and force the 7th game. Source Game Summary Raptors would start with a lot of energy and from the hands of Kyle Lowry's offensive would take advantage very early, but the Warriors would discount by effective shots from the perimeter, in that aspect is that Toronto should improve its defense by blocking such shots, ending the first quarter with the Raptors winning by 1 digit. Source Raptors would continue in their approach taking the game to its style and taking advantage in some possessions, but Golden State would improve their defense and balance the encounter in a change of leadership, although the dynamism of the Raptors and their attack in transition would put them back in front of the scoreboard, ends the first half 60 - 57 Raptors up. Second Half The game would become more competitive with excellent plays by both teams, the match became increasingly interesting, took the old Igoudala as the offensive face of the Warriors in this quarter, the Warriors would win the partial and led the game by 1 possession. Last quarter to define the duel, and could win any of the two teams in a game of highly competitive character, was played nothing more and nothing less than the NBA championship for the Raptors and life for the Warriors, with 4 minutes to play the game was tied, VanVleet with excellent performance placed the Raptors at the top with a shot from the perimeter, Warriors tried to use their last cartridges but the soul of the Raptors pointed to the objective that was the championship and had the best closing, they would win the NBA championship 114 - 110 to the Golden State Warriors for the first time in their history. Details and Personal Analysis It was an extremely interesting game where the winning character was evident as visitors of the Raptors, who did it during the whole season, the beginning of the game was of a lot of energy for Toronto who through Kyle Lowry took the lead significantly on the scoreboard, but the competitive spirit of the Warriors made them discount the advantage and approach the encounter, the Raptors had in mind what they had to do and began to impose their approach of game, Golden State followed them closely because this game depended on their life, the first half would end with an advantage of a possession for the Raptors. Beginning the second time it would give the Igoudala face in the offensive of the Warriors with good throws from the perimeter and in penetration, the Warriors would win the partial of the 3er quarter and would lose also to Klay Thompson by injury. The last quarter would be decisive and the duel became increasingly interesting VanVleet made the encounter of his life, was the key player in this encounter for the successful performance of the Raptors, turned difficult shots in the most vital moments for Toronto, of course the most valuable and constant was the jewel of the crown Kawhi Leonard who made some playoffs and finals in general with much elegance and luxury demonstrating his powerful and effective game, with 4 minutes to play could win either team but certain errors tipped the balance towards the Raptors who had a better close in that coveted NBA championship defeating the Golden State Warriors and obtaining the first NBA championship for a Canadian team and the first in its 24-year history. Source If I get out of some commitments in time, I will make a special publication about the NBA and I thank all those who have supported me in my publications in this specialty during all this time, congratulations to the Toronto Raptors, the new champions of the NBA 2018 - 2019. Best Performances Pascal Siakam 26 Pts. 10 Reb. 3 Ast. Kyle Lowry 26 Pts. 7 Reb. 10 Ast. Kawhi Leonard 22 Pts. 6 Reb. 3 Ast. Fred VanVleet 22 Pts. 2 Reb. Let me know your impressions if you read the publication or enjoyed it.