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NBA summer transfer market assessment ... "Lebron Clear, Camelo Cloud, Paul Reservation"
IMAGE SOURCE The NBA is also approaching the middle of the season. The NBA has been a hot topic since the western conference in 2018-2019, and the sluggishness of the Boston Celtics, the winner of the Eastern Conference. But the NBA's picking up this season is also due to the summer transfer market. In 2018, the free market was hotter than ever. LeBron James (33, LA Lakers) moved to the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference. Paul george (28, Oklahoma City Thunder), who has been rumored to be transferring to LA, has signed a contract with his team Oklahoma City Thunder, while Chris Paul (33, Houston Rockets) And a large-scale contract. evaluating the performance of the players who signed the contract through the summer transfer market divided into three stages: satisfaction, dissatisfaction, and reservation. LeBron James ($ 154 million four years), Russell Westbrook ($ 4 million) and Paul George ($ 4 million), who led the Oklahoma team with the Lakers, , Nikolai jokic ($ 154 million in five years), and Derek Rose ($ 2.3 million a year), who gave the NBA a new paradigm for their versatility this season. Regarding LeBron James, he said, "The influence is great when he wins the team." Paul George said he is "playing for the salary." Earlier in the season, jokic praised the wins in the center, with the profit margin rising to $ 25.4 million from $ 1.4 million a year ahead of this year, but Rose said, "The three-point success rate is still at 33% It is not good, but the overall shooting success rate is 47%. It is the best season since he suffered a knee injury. " Dwight Howard ($ 5.3 million a year) in the 2014 draft he is among the first to be nominated for LeBron 's rival, Carmelo Anthony ($ 2.4 million a year), Superman Dissatisfaction 'step. Anthony has signed a veteran minimum contract with Houston this season, but has agreed to parting with poor performance, and Howard is missing many games due to injuries. Parker has also returned to his hometown of Chicago, but he is left with a lot of disappointment in his defense. Finally, Chris Paul ($ 149.5 million in 4 years) and Kevin Love ($ 120.4 million in four years) have been postponed. "ESPN" is one of Paul's best point guards in the league, but he is often disappointed with frequent injuries and slowed movements. "I had a big contract last summer, "He said.