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The Golden State Warriors, who suffered a setback in the early stages of the season, are in full swing. The Golden State Warriors beat Denver Nuggets in Denver, scoring 51 points in the first quarter, leading Denver to 142-111. The Golden State won the game against Denver, the most important player in the first round of the fight, and was in a good position to win the lead. It was indeed a blind man. It was the day when the attack of the Golden State that had been sealed for a while exploded all at once. Durant had 17 points in the first quarter with four 3-pointers, and Curry also scored 12 points in the first quarter, joining the three-point shot parade. Denver also scored 38 points, but the strength of the Golden State was strong. Golden State scored 51 points in the NBA's first-quarter record. Golden State's momentum continued. Curry threw a long-range three-point shot in the back of the Denver homer, and Clay Thompson hit Denver's goal in a powerful dunk. Malik Beasley scored 22 points and Nikola jokic scored 17 points for Denver, but Curry, Tompson and Durant could not keep up with the Golden State, and the Golden State was able to win the win. This victory is the most important victory for the Golden State. It was because he was the leading player, Denver, and it was a big win in the away game. It will be a big energy for the Golden State players. There is also good news. Marcus Cousins, who has been out of the game due to injuries, is reported to be able to return in a few days. Curry also admitted in a local interview after winning the Den version that "Curses is likely to come back." If Cousins, one of the best centers, is back in full play, Golden State is expected to have a complete appearance in the frame as well as on the outskirts. Although it is unknown whether Cousins Achilles tendon injury is so big that he will come back from injury and show his previous performance, if he does the basics, the Golden State' s winning front is unlikely to be a problem.