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NBA Talk #80: Top Free Agents that the Lakers should pursue this Summer
Image Source What's up basketball fans! I am here again @dwin0603 to give you another exciting basketball discussion for another episode of NBA Talk, and today we will talk about the top free agents that the Lakers should target this coming offseason. Let's do this! Let's just fast-forward this season and gave the championship trophy to the Golden State Warriors and move on to the next season but before that, this coming summer will be the chance for Magic Johnson, Rob Pelinka and the Lakers to make up for the mistakes that cost them so much failure this season. Last summer's roster construction was a bit challenging so Magic and Rob ends up signing veteran role players that are not so fit with LeBron and the young guys. So, this coming summer, they should be more careful in choosing the right pieces for the team that can fix all the problems and comes back for revenge next season. So, these are the players that I think the Lakers should sign. Nikola Mirotic Image Source Nikola Mirotic is the type of player that would definitely fit in with LeBron James. He's a power forward who's also a great shooter that can help stretch the floor to open driving lanes for LeBron or knock down shots as a catch and shoot player. LeBron thrives with players like him, examples are Kevin Love and Chris Bosh. The Lakers could also use him as a center which will be great for a small ball lineup and fast pace plays. Mirotic is still young and he's just entering his prime. JJ Redick Image Source LeBron James needs more shooters. He is more effective if there are shooters around him. We saw it in Cleveland with Kyle Korver and JR Smith, we saw it in Miami with Ray Allen, Shane Battier and Mike Miller. He loves to pass the ball to open shooters and that is why they needed to sign JJ Redick. I know that when talking about signing a shooter, Klay Thompson is their priority but it might be impossible for them to sign Klay because he already stated his desire to stay in Golden State so the other option that I see is JJ Redick. DeAndre Jordan Image Source The Lakers should prioritize signing DeMarcus Cousins if they are looking to add a legit center but I think it will be difficult for them to convince him to join the team. The Warriors can possibly sign him again for another huge discount if they win the championship this season or maybe Cousins can look for another place where there are better chances than the Lakers. So, I think the other option for a legit center is DeAndre Jordan. Jordan is a great defender and rebounder. He's also a dominant center when he's close to the rim and he's finally improving in shooting free throws. Jordan will be a major upgrade to JaVale McGee and can help the Lakers' problems in defense. DJ will also love playing again for Los Angeles because he can enjoy the lifestyle he's enjoying back when he was playing for the Clippers. That is all for today folks! I would be glad to hear your opinions about this article so drop your comments now and let's have some basketball talk! :)

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