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Scissorhands, an OKC Barber who's got the Scoop
Corey "Scissorhands" Sutter is a barber who lives in Oklahoma City. Recently he has been in the national news for breaking some big NBA free agent stories. He broke the news about LeBron James signing with the Los Angeles Lakers, and he broke the news about Paul George staying in Oklahoma City. It's no surprise to Scissors (as he is affectionately known) that he has news before a most news agencies. He has been working with entertainers and athletes for over 30 years now. He began as a barber in a south Oklahoma City barber shop called Harlem Nights part-timing as a concert hype-man for some of his friends who promoted concerts. In Oklahoma, he was just as big as MTV. He met several celebrities and earned enough money to open his own barbershop on the east side of Oklahoma City called Next to Justice. Eventually, he got hooked up with some members of the University of Oklahoma Sooners football team. He would cut their hair on Thursday afternoons at his OKC barber shop. He and his partner Dajuan (who gives edge ups with a straight razor) would cut hair of stars, athletes, and regular folks like me. I have known Scissors since I was seventeen, when my best friend, Rasche (may he rest in peace), took me to Harlem Nights to get a hair cut. He was already big. I was kind of nervous seeing all the autographed photos of people he had on his wall. But he was a down to Earth, funny guy who made me feel comfortable, even when he would trim my nose hairs for the first time. He comes from a small town in Oklahoma called Altus. He is married with children. A normal guy when you look at the big picture of things. But when it's showtime he is all business. He's hyped concerts for Migos, Snoop Dogg, E40 and more. Stars like Toby Keith, Alfre Woodard, and Shaquille O'neal have stopped by his shop. So it's no surprise that he's got the NBA trade info. I wouldn't be surprised if he knew the lottery numbers (just kidding). He's constantly on the news or in the news in Oklahoma. His personality is infectious. If you are ever in OKC, and need a haircut, stop by one of his new barber shops FadeNUp or FadeNUp Norman. And, definitely, go to a concert that he would host. Stories about the scoops: Uproxx The Undefeated Other pictures: All images in this article come from Scissorhands' Twitter profile.
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