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Orlando Magic v Charlotte Hornets - NBA
We are back again with another NBA prediction. This time we will be looking at an Eastern Conference match-up between Orlando Magic and Charlotte Hornets at Amway Center in Orlando. Orlando Magic are coming into this match after an impressive 4 game winning streak, which is not something we are used of seeing from Magic. What we are seeing now is a historic moment for Orlando, as this is the longest winning streak of Orlando Magic this season. Not only that, but this is the first time Orlando Magic managed to achieve a 4 game winning streak since 2015! Impressive in its own way. In the course of the last 4 games, Orlando won against Minnesota Timberwolves (122:112), Milwaukee Bucks (83:103), Atlanta Hawks (108:124) and most recently New Orleans Pelicans on February 13th (88:118). Looking at their last match against Pelicans, Orlando were the dominant side from the 1st quarter, when they managed to outscore Pelicans by 22 points. While Pelicans manage to fight back in the 2nd quarter (29:24), the teams were still 17 points apart prior to the last 2 quarters. The 3rd quarter was basically just like the 1st, as Orlando managed to once again outscore Pelicans by double digits (15:29). While it was clear Pelicans will have a hard time catching up to Orlando early in the match, it became that much more clear Pelicans will once again fall by the end of the 3rd quarter when they were 31 points behind. The last quarter did not bring many surprises with teams scoring 27:26 points. With that, the match ended with a final score of 88:118 which was the historic 4th consecutive win for Orlando and yet another defeat for crumbling Pelicans. Charlotte Hornets, one of the most inconsistent teams this season, in my opinion, head to Orlando in hopes to win and save their 7th spot in the East. Looking at Hornets recent games, they have won against Bulls (125:118) and Atlanta Hawks (120:129), while failed to do the same against Clippers (115:117), Mavericks (99:93) and Pacers on February 12th (99:90). At the moment Hornets are holding a mediocre 27-90 record in the league and while they are 7th in the league, I don't believe they will end up in the playoffs with the performances they have been showing us. Both Magic and Pistons having their engines running at full speed, heading to the top 7 spots, while Hornets just sit and wait. It has become clear Hornets need to get ahold of themselves and start winning and they are well aware of it. Coming into this match, Orlando magic will miss Mo Bamba, Markelle Fultz and Timofey Mozgov. On the other side, Hornets will be without Devonte Graham and Tony Parker. With a great run of 4 consecutive wins, Orlando can already taste the playoffs spot, but there is still some work that needs to be done before they get there. Tonight they will host the Hornets who have defeated Magic in their most recent match on January 1st by 25 points (125:100). After a blowout defeat like that, you might doubt if Orlando can win against Hornets who humiliated them on several occasions. In addition, Orlando's recent winning streak consists of defeating teams with poor form, chemistry issue or personnel problems. While their run is still impressive it's not something to brag about. I'm not trying to bach on Orlando, so let's check the "bright spots" for Magics. Since they started to win games, Orlando comes into their matches with a lot more confidence as they did a month ago. This is clearly seen in the offensive end, where they have started putting up a lot of points. On the other side Hornets, as inconsistent as they are proved to play well against Magic, whom they defeated twice this season, both being a blowout wins (125:100), (88:120). On one side we have got Orlando who are in form and on the other side, we have got Hornets who are historically a better team. Betting on Orlando might be tempting, but let's rather look at the Over/Under market. The line for Over/Under is set at 215.5 points which is far too low in my opinion. This should be a highly entertaining, fast-paced match which should end with plenty of points on both sides. Taking that into consideration, we will be betting on the match ending with over 214.5 points. Prediction: Over 214.50 points
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The Knicks will visit the Pistons in the Motor City. Their newly acquired players: Wesley Matthews, Dennis Smith Jr. and DeAndre Jordan will play in the starting lineup as the Knicks try to wake up from their nightmare. The Knicks have lost their last 14 games and have the first 2 lost the first two games in series against Pistons by an average of 10 points. Do not expect the game tonight to be any different. The Pistons are on a two game winning streak, in which the beat the Denver Nuggets by 26 points and the Knicks by 13 points. The Knicks will need time to incorporate their new players into the offense and their roster is not that good. Expect the Pistons to win this game. The 76ers have revamped their roster in an effort to pursuit an NBA Championship not only this year but also in the near future. It is safe to say the process is over and the time is now! There is no telling how will the trade affect the 76ers, but here what I do know. Tobias Harris can ball, he is averaging 20.9 points and nearly 8 rebounds. Both the Nuggets and the 76ers have lost their last two games. The Nuggets have gone Over in 10 of their last 13 games. The Nuggets have not been playing any defense lately, expect a lot of points to be scored and the over (230). The Wizards traded one of their core pieces in Otto Porter Jr. and a plethora of their players at the trade deadline. Both the Cavs and Wizards have lost their last two games, difference is that the Cavs have lost their last two games by an average of 5 points to the Mavericks and Celtics, who are way better teams. I do not see the Wizards covering this spread, The Cavs have won their last two meetings and have covered 4 of the last 5 games in Washington. Take the points Cavs (+10.5)