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"The NBA new record" Golden State explodes 51 points in the first quarter
IMAGE SOURCE Golden State scored 51 points in only one game to write a new record in the NBA. It was the first time in the history of the club, and Golden State had 10 3-point shots in only one quarter of Denver's Pepsi Center match against Denver. The top scorer in the previous quarter was 50 points, five times. The last of these was recorded on November 10, 1990 by the Phoenix against Denver. Denver became a scapegoat again in 29 years. The game was a match with the Western Conference leaders with a 0.5-game difference and second-place face-to-face competition, with Golden State returning to the top of the table with a score of 142-111. The victory gave the Golden State a five-game winning streak and threw 30 wins (14 losses) in the season. He also beat Denver and returned to the top of the Western Conference. Denver, meanwhile, failed to win and was 29-14 with a season record. The Golden State has attacked the opposing rim from the first quarter. He scored 11 points in just two and a half minutes. Thompson and Durant's three stores opened in succession, creating a double-digit gap. Golden State scored 51 points in only one quarter. Kevin Durant led the way with 17 points, Klay Thompson scored 13 points and Stephen Curry scored 12 points in the first quarter. At the end of the first quarter, 19 out of 25 Golden State pitches passed the rim, with a success rate of 76%, and three trials with 14 pitches and 10 pitches in the rim. It continued to flow in the second quarter. Thompson's three-point shot gave the Golden State a 60-40, 20-point lead, scoring a 12-point lead. 79-60, 19th in the Golden State. The Golden State was solid in the third quarter. Thompson's three-point three-pointers led Golden State to a three-point shot from Curry, Kevon Looney's dunk, and Durant's score. 112 points already in the third quarter. The Golden State started the game in the fourth quarter with a 112-83 victory and won five consecutive games. Curry, Thompson, and Durant have combined 89 points. Golden State scored 21 points in 38 assists and 3-point shots in 60 percent of the game. Currie and Tom Thompson splash duo scored 31 points and Durant scored 27 points. Denver had a 31-point defeat to Malik Beasley with 22 points, the highest score ever. Denver has not been able to prevent the Golden State from the first quarter and has been the leader of the conference.