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Utah Jazz Set Their Classic Game and Defeat Charlotte Hornets
NBA Monday to watch the Utah Jazz face the Charlotte Hornets in a duel between conferences, in another excellent stellar basketball night. Source Game Summary Jazz would take advantage on the scoreboard through their characteristic collective play, although Hornets began to increase their offensive and defensive volume, they would make the effort and discount on the scoreboard, the first period ends with Jazz winning by a possession. Source Hornets would take advantage with a more dynamic game, but Utah would begin to discount the advantage through its defense and better offensive percentage, would establish a difference of 13 digits, winning the partial of the game and leading the encounter, finishes the first half 52 - 39. Source Second Half The Jazz remained firm in their objective playing with character and raising their defensive level, Hornets showed no reaction and continued to play under the same pattern, dominated Jazz with an obvious advantage, would win the partial and continued to lead the game. Source Hornets tried to discount, but Utah was entrenched in their style of play and it was difficult for Charlotte to counter the defense that implemented the Jazz, Hornets tried to make the last attempt to return to the game but it was late, ends the 111 - 102 match in an excellent victory for Jazz over the Hornets. Source Details and Personal Analysis From the beginning of the encounter Jazz always had the dominion by means of its defensive game and great offensive percentage, the Hornets had many intermittences and a slow reaction in most of the lapses of the game, Utah maintained the composure of its classic game and when we entered to the last period the Hornets had a slight reaction but it was late, Utah Jazz obtains an excellent victory over the Hornets. Best Performances Donovan Mitchell 25 Pts. 5 Ast. Ricky Rubio 20 Pts. 13 Ast. Rudy Gobert 18 Pts. 18 Reb. Let me know what you think if you enjoyed the meeting or read the publication.

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