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NBA Talk #123: Let's do a Mock of the Top 5 Picks for the 2019 NBA Draft
Image Source What's up basketball fans! I am here again @dwin0603 to give you another exciting basketball discussion for another episode of NBA Talk, and today we will try to do a mock draft for the 2019 NBA Draft and I will feature the top 5 picks only. Let's do this! The season is almost over as we are now down to only 4 teams and as the season nearing to end, the 2019 NBA Draft is fast approaching as we already know who will get the top picks after the crazy NBA Draft lottery. There's a lot of promising talent in this year's draft class and the player who's predicted to be the next big thing since LeBron James entered the draft. Now, let's start the mock draft. 5. Cam Reddish Image Source For the 5th pick in this year's draft, the Cleveland Cavaliers might select Duke's forward Cam Reddish. It was not a very lucky year for the Cavs as they failed to get a top 3 pick despite having the biggest percentage to get the top pick in the draft. Instead, they fall to number 5 and projected to draft Cam Reddish. Reddish is a decent pick. It's not a bad pick for them. Maybe he's not that NBA ready but in time he will find his place in the league and he can develop in a pressure less team. Reddish is a forward that can play the 2-guard and I can compare him to Khris Middleton. 4. DeAndre Hunter/Darius Garland The Los Angeles Lakers are lucky enough to get a top 4 pick and it's a good thing for the franchise because they can have a good asset in this draft pick. If the Lakers are looking to use the pick and draft a player they will have to choose if it is DeAndre Hunter or Darius Garland. If they need a forward, they should go for DeAndre Hunter but the problem is they are too loaded at the Forward position with Kuz, LeBron and Ingram there so if they don't want the guy to have limited minutes and make his progression slow, they should just draft a guard and it should be Darius Garland. He can be a great backup point guard for Lonzo Ball and can replace the void that Rondo will leave. 3. RJ Barrett Image Source After the Knicks lose the first overall pick and falls to number 3, they should not worry too much as they can still draft a promising talent at number 3 if they select Duke forward, RJ Barrett. If he was draft in a different year, he will go number 1 so I can say that the Knicks still got a win here. He averages over 22 points a game for Duke in 1 season. He's an incredible scorer and an almost complete player inside and out. I think he's ready for the NBA and he can make some noise in his rookie season. 2. Ja Morrant Image Source The Memphis Grizzlies and their superstar point guard Mike Conley are in talks about parting ways and if that went through, the Grizzlies should sign the sensational guard Ja Morrant at the number 2 pick. Morrant will have room to grow if Conley goes and he can develop his game freely in his early years and the Grizzlies can start rebuilding and make a new era for them. The quick 6'3 guard can replace what Conley is providing for the team but not instantly. I believe that in years, with experience, he can become an all-star guard. Zion Williamson Image Source I don't have to elaborate this 1. With no doubt, the Pelicans will now screw up on this one. They will surely draft Zion Williamson and make a brand new start for their franchise. Since, LeBron James, we've never seen anything like Zion and I believe that this kid will take his talents to another level in the NBA and he will achieve big things in the future. That is all for today folks! I would love to hear your thoughts about this article, so drop your comments now and let's have some basketball talk! :)

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