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NBA Rumors: Shaq defends LeBron, Jaylen Brown said it's toxic in Boston, and more!
Image Source What's up basketball fans! I am here again @dwin0603 for another episode of NBA Rumors to give you the hottest and latest news and trade rumors all around the NBA! Let's do it basketball fans! The Problem at The Garden Let's start with the Boston Celtics and their struggles late this season. Before the season starts, the Boston Celtics are projected to be the top team that has the best chance to dethrone the Golden State Warriors but if you look at them now, it seems like they're not gonna beat the Warriors in seven games in the playoffs or they might not even make the NBA Finals. The problem all started when Kyrie calls out his team mates after their tough losses. It seems like there is no connection between Kyrie and his team mates. Kyrie wanted to be that man, the leader of the team, but he is not ready. Recently in an interview, young Celtics guard Jaylen Brown said that the environment in Boston's locker room is "toxic". He said that loosing is not too good for the team including himself. But he stated that he can't really point out anybody or anything because he don't know the answers. And his response is to just do his best every night and be part of the change. Shaq defended LeBron for calling out on team mates Image Source The Lakers are facing a very frustrating season that nobody expected to be this worst. They missed the playoffs 6 consecutive times and they are now on the verge of missing it for the 7th consecutive time. And many fans and NBA analysts puts the blame on LeBron James of course. Yes, because he was supposed to end the streak and lift them back up to the top but he failed. The chances of making the playoffs is almost likely gone. The Lakers are a messed and every move and words from LeBron are being misunderstood by many people. Recently, he called out his team mates about distractions and many people reacted to that criticizing LeBron James and saying that he too let's himself get distracted. But if you really analyze the situation, most of the blame should go with the injuries and the front office. In one episode of "The Big Podcast", Shaq reacted to James calling out his young team mates and speak out about the topic. He defended LeBron and said that what he's said is right and he should supposed to do that. He also stated that he does that all every time when he was playing. And he said that that's the reason why he and Kobe had a beef. His point is, if you do not step up, I will call you out. As simple as that. Wesley Matthews or Andrew Bogut to the Warriors? Image Source Golden State Warriors fans rejoice when the news leaked that Andrew Bogut will be returning to the team and will fill up the last roster spot before the start of the playoffs. But did you know that the Warriors preferred a wing man for their last roster spot? In a report by The Athletic, the Warriors are interested in in Wesley Matthews but the Indiana Pacers offered him a starting role that he can't decline. Of course, he wanted to be a starter and have more playing time but he also should've considered the chance to win a championship with the Warriors. That is all for today folks! What are your thoughts? I would love to hear your opinions about this article so drop your comments now and let's have some basketball talk! :)