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NBA Playoffs 1st Round: Denver Nuggets Defeats San Antonio Spurs at the close of the 7th Game of the Series
Interesting and very attractive this 7th final game that will define the pass to 2nd round between the Denver Nuggets and the San Antonio Spurs in a game that will be very exciting for the character and what will be played in the encounter in another special night of NBA. Source Game Summary Nuggets would enter this 7th game with a lot of energy and showed all their offensive potential against some Spurs who were somewhat behind in the game, ending the first period with the Nuggets winning the partial and leading the encounter. Source Nuggets were still focused on their high offensive and defensive level maintaining the advantage against some Spurs who had difficulty discounting, the game became interesting typical of the profile of a decisive game in a series, finished the first half 47 - 34 up Nuggets. Second Half Denver had his precise objective with the best argument of a great planning making an excellent game, they continued increasing the advantage and the Spurs were having a bad percentage of field in this quarter, would finish the 3rd quarter with Nuggets leading the game. Source In the fourth final Denver had a certain advantage and San Antonio began slowly to discount with Rudy Gay as an offensive guide, 4 minutes to finish Spurs was 2 possessions, the team that will make the best closing with fewer errors had the sure way to continue in the race, ends the 90 - 86 with a great victory and closure of the Nuggets over the Spurs. Details and Personal Analysis Great 7th game as they usually are this series that arrive at these instances, where the high competitive level is reflected, the Nuggets would come out with all their energy and offensive potential, when arriving at the first half had an obvious advantage, Spurs was paddling little by little and discounting the advantage until in the last quarter they approached and the game was closed so that whoever made fewer mistakes could achieve the goal and continue to the 2nd round, a key basket of Murray and then a defensive block were the tools that applied Nuggets for a great closing that would give them victory over the Spurs. Best Performances Jamal Murray 23 Pts. 5 Reb. 4 Ast. Nikola Jokic 21 Pts. 15 Reb. 10 Ast. Leave me your impressions if you enjoyed the meeting or read the publication.