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Zion Williamson, the biggest teenage phenomenon since LeBron James
As expected, the New Orleans Pelicans bet on Zion Williamson as number 1 of the 2019 Draft, taking with him the biggest teen phenomenon that is remembered in the United States since the irruption of LeBron James. This 18-year-old player, who will turn 19 in the month of July, became known during his time in High School basketball through spectacular mates that became viral in all the networks. Salisbury, the oldest and continuously populated colonial city in the western region of North Carolina, Williamson decided he wanted to be a basketball star just five years after having tried other sports such as football or football. When he was nine years old, he would get up at five in the morning to train and play against children up to four years older than him. Besides his physical power, he is 2.01 meters tall and weighs 129 kilos (only the giant Boban Marjanovic weighs more than him in the entire NBA), Zion stands out for his technical coordination that allows him to pass and bounce the ball using both hands without problem. This is due to the work he did with his stepfather, Lee Anderson, who was an NCAA player and taught him how to function as a base. However, if someone marked his first steps in basketball it was his mother, Sharonda Sampson. Low his orders played in the Johnakin Middle School of Marion (Califronia) averaging 20 points per game and losing just three games in two years of competition.