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NBA Talk #26: Did you know that the Milwaukee Bucks almost landed Stephen Curry via trade?
Image Source What's up basketball fans! Happy Monday to all of us here in Scorum. I am here again @dwin0603 to give you another exciting basketball discussion for another episode of NBA talk, and tonight we will talk about a very interesting topic back from the past when Stephen Curry almost become a Bucks. Let's do this! Stephen Curry has evolve the game of basketball. He changed the game a lot and it's super different now. Kids nowadays did not know how basketball was played back then. They don't know the time when Kobe is posting up and doing some tricky moves using his impeccable footwork and finishing with a beautiful fadeaway jumper. They don't know how Melo kills his defender with his triple-threat moves and they don't saw Duncan throwing up some beautiful hook shots. That's the real beauty of basketball for me but in today's NBA, all the kids just wanted to shoot the three-pointer. Curry has been Golden State's franchise player for a long time now and he's been very loyal to the team. But it seems like the team is not treating him the same way back then when he's not yet a superstar, as they tried to trade him in the past. In 2012, the Bucks offered Andrew Bogut to the Golden State Warriors in exchange for Stephen Curry. At that time, Bogut is one of the most talented big men in the league but the trade didn't happen. Image Source What do you think is the reason why the trade didn't happen? Well, the people who are to blame why the trade didn't pull through are the Milwaukee Bucks' medical staffs. Remember back then that Curry had a problematic ankle that is always getting injured so the medical staff killed the trade because they think that Curry's body will not be able to handle those injuries and they think that it's a big risk to trade for him. So instead of Curry, the Bucks decided to choose Monta Ellis over Curry. Most kids now don't know who Monta Ellis was but he is a hell of a player in his prime. He was the original splash brother partner of Steph and he is the leader of the team that time. The trade make a lot of sense back then because Monta Ellis is a great player and Curry's ankle is now a sure thing that time. But if you put it here right now, the Bucks should be regretting it big time. Image Source Look, what if the trade pulls through and the Bucks landed Steph Curry? Could it be a Giannis-Curry duo? What if this scenario happened? I'm sure it will change history a lot and the Bucks could've been a dominant team in the Eastern Conference while the Warriors would just be an average team and the dynasty they build today will not be a thing. Well, the Warriors are just pretty lucky. That is all for today folks. For those who don't know Monta Ellis, I'll leave you with some of his highlights with Steph. Thanks for reading guys. Let me hear your opinions about this one so drop your comments now and let's have some basketball talk! :) Video Source