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Whether it was a "scoring machine" or a flaming "free-throw" controversy.
IMAGE James Harden is hoping to win the MVP for the second consecutive year with an explosive scoreline in the NBA regular season. Harden is attacking with an opponent 's defense that is unbearable. The free-spirited controversy is also fading away, as his tremendous offensive power shines and eloquently induces opponents to foul. Harden, meanwhile, has averaged 36.3 points (overall first) and 8.2 assists (third overall) on the 29th. The only difference in the league is an average of over 30 points, with striking differences between Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors) and Anthony Davis (New Orleans Pelicans, 29.3). The average three-point shot was 4.9, followed by Curry (5.2), and second overall. Harden is summoning the NBA legends in turn, writing various wonderful scorecards. He became a player who has accumulated more than 400 points in 10 games in the past day. It was the third record after retiring Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. On the 28th, he scored 40 points in Orlando Magic and scored more than 30 points in 23 consecutive games. In the 1960s, Star Wilt Chamberlain (65 games, 31 games, 25 consecutive games) has the first and third place in the division. Team-mate Eric Gordon said, "It's amazing. "I have not seen a player who scored so easily, but he is one of the best scorers in NBA history," he said. Harden basically has a left-handed ability that breaks through and has a 3-point shot. "Euro Step" stepping on the step by stepping on the left and right, and "Stepback" stepping back quickly to overcome the technology to switch the direction of the attack. It cleverly executes the basic concept of "Breaking when an opponent gets caught and shooting when shot down", and even assists colleagues. Harden says, "I know that two or three opponents are trying to defend me. So I see an opportunity to help colleagues score, "he said. Freedom Monster is another modifier of Harden. He has an average of 10.3 free throws per game. During the last four seasons, he also got an average of two free throws. Harden creates intelligent free throws, inducing opponent's physical contact with various attack options. So, 'plaping' (inducing foul call of referee with exaggerated gesture) is more controversial than any NBA player. For this reason, some fans undermine Harden's many free throw goals. However, the scoring performance of this season is remarkable even if it is accompanied by this controversy. Steve Kerr of Golden State, who is in first place in the Western Division, said "Harden is a game changer" after losing to Houston.

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