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LeBron James is trying to make another Banana-boat Reunion
Image Source According to reports from The Athletic, LeBron James wants Carmelo Anthony to join him and play for the Los Angeles Lakers. LeBron is well-known for doing things like this before. If he wants a player in their team roster, he'll get it. That's why he is sometimes called as "LeGM". He always got what he wants and he can control things with ease if he wants to. Sometimes he doesn't listen to what the coach is trying to do and he makes plays of his own. We saw that several times in Cleveland where he disregards play calls by David Blat and Tyrone Lue. And that is the reason why other people calls him as "LeCoach". He can control things like no other can in the league. Lakers started the season strong with LeBron James leading. The young guys are developing well and playing better basketball this season. The veterans are also doing a nice job as well. But it's not too sure if the Lakers' success will continue come playoffs time. They are still in need of some pieces who can make them even better. LeBron is the only superstar in the team and for a franchise to find success in today's NBA, they need to have 2 or more stars in their team. That is what almost all of the people believe. But in my point of view, the Warriors are beatable right now. Even with the addition of DeMarcus Cousins, I think other teams can still beat them. And for a team who has LeBron on their side, the chances of defeating the Warriors are higher. Image Source The Lakers are a pretty decent team in my opinion. I believe they can beat anyone from what I saw from their start for this season. LeBron is not slowing down and the rest of the guys continues to improve. L.A. is a power house team for me even if LeBron is the only superstar. I think they're one of the top teams in the West. But the problem for them right now is health. Injuries are holding back the Lakers from success. And the players who are injured are very important pieces for the team. Rajon Rondo is still out. Michael Beasley missed some games due to injuries and Brandon Ingram is still recovering from his injury. The Lakers lacked some firepower they needed and adding another veteran could help them, or maybe not. Carmelo Anthony is now looking for a new home after a short failed stint with the Houston Rockets. He failed to initiate his game with Houston's system which ended up with Houston's rough start for the season. While Beasley is injured, Carmelo Anthony can be a great replacement for him. LeBron still believes that Melo can still contribute and he shouldn't end his career this way. Melo should really understand his role and his reputation in the league in order for him to still stick with the league. He should accept the fact that he is now the superstar that he was back then. He's not the same dominant player that he has been in his entire career. Image Source LeBron maybe just wanted to give a hand and help his close friend especially now that he is struggling to find a new home for him to stay in the league. Melo is 34 years old now and his game is declining rapidly. He cannot play defense against more faster players in his position and his scoring abilities are decreased big time. James don't want Melo to play to a place where he doesn't really wanted to play. Now, it's up to the Lakers front office to decide whether they will take a risk and sign the 10-time all-star or will they just stick with their current roster and wait until all their players are healthy. What do you think about this situation? Will it make the Lakers better? or will Melo make them worst? Drop your comments now guys. I would love to hear them. Let's have some basketball talk! :)