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Daily NBA injury Report (APRIL 13TH)
IMAGE SOURCE Philadelphia 76ers, who are announcing the start of the Play Off, Joel Embiid suffered a left knee injury and the first game is unclear. Joel Embiid has been reported to be tense by the Philadelphia team, saying "the knee injury is getting worse and worse". Joel Embiid has achieved a career high and in most of the record, including an average of 34.2 minutes in 64 regular games, 27.5 points in career (FG 48.4%) and 13.6 rebounds in 3.7 assists. Joel Embiid's injury issue is good for the weak Brooklyn. He dominated most game against Brooklyn's, including an average of 30 points (FG 60%) and 14.3 rebounds 5 assists in four games in a game against Brooklyn this season. In fact, Joel Embiid has an average of 11.5 free throws (FT 80.4%) only against Brooklyn this season. However, in Philadelphia, the best players in the week were not able to fit their hands and feet due to the injury of their main players. IMAGE SOURCE In Brooklyn, D'Angelo Russell and Spencer Dinwiddie are among the best players. In the case of Russell, he played strong against the Philadelphia 76ers this season with an average of 27.3 minutes, 21 points (FG 47.4%), 3.5 rebounds and 7.3 assists. In particular, Philadelphia, who has been unable to cope with a 2-to-2 play attack, has struggled with Brooklyn's two-and-two-play attack this season. One of the eight series in the first round in the local area, Brooklyn and Philadelphia are the most exciting series to date. IMAGE SOURCE The other half of San Antonio Spurs and Denver Nuggets, who are attracted by the fierce battle, are also attracting a lot of attention. Denver, who had a solid organization of basketball centered around Nikola Jokic this season, managed to advance to the Play Off with the top of the Western Conference throughout the season. Bench members will play well in the middle of the season, but they will overcome the crisis, and Denver will be in the playoffs as a potential candidate for the Western Conference finals. However, with young players including Jokic playing the lead role, the fact that most of the players lack experience in play-offs is expected to be a variable. On the other hand, San Antonio Spurs has had the same season with roller coasters, experiencing a lack of energy levels and limited roster configurations this season. ▶ BROOKLYN NETS Allen Crabbe - right knee injury (indefinite out) ▶ PHILADELPHIA 76ERS Jonah Bolden - Left Knee Injury (Questionable) Joel Embiid - Left Knee Injury (Questionable) James Ennis III - Right Shank Injury (Out, Day-to-Day) ▶ ORLANDO MAGIC Troy Caupain - Resting colon Amile Jefferson - Restless colon Mohamed Bamba - left shin foot fracture (season out) Markelle Fultz - left shoulder injury (season out) Timofey Mozgov - right knee injury (season out) ▶ TORONTO RAPTORS OG Anunoby - Appendectomy (out, Day-to-Day) Patrick McCaw - Right thumb injury (indefinite out) ▶ LA CLIPPERS Injured player X ▶ GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS Damian Jones - Thorax injury (season out) ▶ SAN ANTONIO SPURS Dejounte Murray - left knee injury (season out) ▶ DENVER NUGGET Michael Porter Jr. - back injury (season out) Players who are marked as Probable (Questionable) or Questionable (Decision before the start of the game) may change their status before the start of the game depending on the situation. From the 2018-2019 season, the NBA will require each club to submit a claim for injuries, illness, etc. by 5pm on the day of the match. The team must state the players' recovery status and the length of their absence, and the NBA is sharing it at 1:30 pm, 5:30 pm on the day of the game and just before the game.

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