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Golden State Warriors Beat Clippers With Stephen Curry Lighting Things Up!
Yesterday's match up between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Golden State Warriors was definitely a ball game to remember with Stephen Curry making the game into his own personal highlight show dropping a massive 42 points to lift the Warriors over the Clippers and get the 129-127 victory. Stephen Curry lead the way for the Warriors being versatile and quick throughout the entire game and was deadly from all areas of the court. The point-guard superstar was able to amaze fans with his quick foot work and fancy shooting abilities giving Curry and the Warriors there 23rd win of the season. Kevin Durant was also massive in the ball game like he usually is scoring a total of 37 points and never seems to disappoint me despite the controversy that has been going on in Golden State this year. Tobias Harris, Lou Williams,and Danilo Gallinari tried everything in the fourth quarter to counter the great ball movement and radical scoring from the Warriors with Harris scoring 32 points, Williams scoring 25, and Danilo Gallinari with 25. This combined effort from the newly powerful Clippers was not enough to beat the Warriors and the loss left the Clippers with a 19 win, 14 loss season so far which is a pretty good start for a team who is reforming. The Los Angeles Clippers have impressed me over this season for the few games I have been able to catch them whilst Nursing but i must say that they could potentially be a big problem for the top teams of the West going further into the season. Yet again the famous Golden State Warriors are looking healthy and unstoppable and we will see if they can continue this level of play going into the All Star break. Below are highlights of the spectacular close match up between the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers! Enjoy Guys :)) Thanks for your support!

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