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Steph Curry Is Changing NBA And Basketball Better Than Michael Jordan Did.
Image Source Life is a cycle, early on Michael Jordan's career and when Larry Bird was interviewed who he thinks is the best player in the league. He replied: “If I had to pick a guy besides myself, there’s no question who I’d choose, Magic’s head and shoulders above anyone else. I’ve always said, and I haven’t changed my opinion, that Magic is the best player in the league” Bird further said, “Dominique [Wilkins] and Michael Jordan? They’re not Magic Johnson. They’re dunkers. Michael takes 30 shots to get to 30 points. You know, there’s a difference.” Of course, we now all know that Michael Jordan is not only a "dunker" he almost single-handedly revolutionized the game. Not only that Bird's words of 30 shots to get to 30 points is an exaggeration, Jordan actually averaged 37.1 points on 27.3 field goal attempts, Jordan is also now considered by many the Greatest Of All Time GOAT. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Following Jordan's greatness is the arrival of high-flying guards, like Kobe Bryant, Vince Carter, and even Harold Miner became the heir to Air Jordan, the “Baby Jordans.” Now in this era, the same thing is happening. Just as Bird discounted Jordan’s unconventional game while MJ dominated the league, Barkley has uninterestingly criticized Curry. Just months after Curry won the MVP and a championship, in February 2016, Barkley was interviewed by DIME magazine. He was asked if Curry is as dominant as he and Shaq were in their prime. Barkley disagreed. “He’s just a great shooter. It’s a totally different animal.” He’s more than a just a shooter, right? Barkley’s response: “No. He’s not more than a shooter. He’s just a great shooter.” Jordan was just a dunker. Curry was just a shooter. Dunking and shooting, however, are important skills on a basketball court. It's like a cheat code on a computer game, scoring at will whether it is 3 point shooting or dunking. But why do I say Steph Curry is changing NBA and basketball better than Michael Jordan? I would say it is because of "EFFICIENCY" Steph Curry tallies 1.92 points per attempt this season. Dunks are averaging 1.82 points per attempt this season. This data is according to tracking. That is correct, Steph's launching from beyond the arc has been more efficient than under the basket, in your face dunks. “You got a guy taking 40-footers,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr said “and you’re on the sideline going, ‘Yeah, that’s a good shot.’ Nobody’s ever done what he’s doing.” The "Curry Effect" is felt all over the NBA and basketball every night. The reason why that the NBA and USA Basketball issued new guidelines to discourage 3-pointers in youth leagues. NBA teams in the last 4 years have taken a hint. They have taken more deep 3's attempts this season and every year record-breaking 3 points made by the likes of Harden and Westbrook are being made. And if there were "Baby Jordan's" back then, there are now a whole new generation of point guards following the footsteps of Steph Curry. One of the best examples is currently the sensational rookie Trae Young of Atlanta Hawks. Trae Young knows that Curry’s skills and approach totally changed the game. Nowadays, point guards like Lillard, Walker and many others are routinely scoring 30 points a night with loads of pull-up, deep 3's. “Steph has changed the whole league, period,” says Young. “I think it’s a perfect time for a guy like me who’s not the biggest guard in the world but can shoot the ball. He’s made it OK for teams to go out and get those type of guys and play them.” Trae Young is getting a lot of Curry comparisons after leading the NCAA in points and assists per game with a 180-pound frame and a propensity for deep 3's. Travis Schlenk, former Warriors executive turned Hawks GM, chose Trae Young as the franchise guy in Atlanta. It is no secret that he also reached back into the Warriors organization with Golden State assistant Lloyd Pierce and head trainer Chelsea Lane. Hawks now is being groomed to be the Warriors East version in few years to come. Not only players, but even franchises and leagues directions are being shifted due to Steph Curry's influence. First, there was only basketball, then came Wilt Chamberlain then came Bird and Magic, then came Michael Jordan and now we have Steph Curry. What or who's next remains to be seen. Who do you think will be the next game changer? Let us hear what you think, leave a comment below. Don't miss out on the updates, please WATCH, LIKE, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE and hit the BELL icon to get notified every time I upload a new video on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

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