Scorum Sports Cast: Episode 210 Hookers, Robert Kraft, and the NBA Fixing the Laker Game!
I am thrilled to announce my 210th Scorum Sports Cast! You can find me @thesportsguru and I will be giving you the best 5-10 minute sports rants here on Scorum every day. On today’s episode I will talk about the NBA fixing last night’s game in the Lakers vs Rockets. But first, there is HUGE news breaking in the NFL. The owner of the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots is in BIG trouble. Robert Kraft, 77 years old, is charged with soliciting a prostitute on multiple occasions. Allegedly, Kraft likes to go to an “Asian Spa” down in Florida. But he has been paying for much more than just a shoulder rub 😊! More details to come… Ok, now on to the Lakers vs Rockets game from last night. It was fixed, plain and simple. If you simply look at the statistics, it is very clear that the referee’s, led by Scott Foster (who has history of hating on the Rockets), were in the tank for the Los Angeles Lakers. Chris Paul AND James Harden both fouled out with 6 fouls a piece and P.J. Tucker had 5 fouls for the Rockets. Not one player on the Lakers had more than 3 fouls. I understand that we all want to see Lebron James and the Lakers in the playoffs and that the ratings will be HORRIFIC without him, but come on. At least don’t be so obvious when you fix a game. I think there will be much more of this to come down the stretch. I would love to tell you all about it in my new Scorum Sports Cast. To check out my 210th show just click the play button below. I look forward to hearing your input and comments. Cheers!