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Lebron James and the Lakers Got What You Want!
Los Angeles coasted to a comfortable 101-86 win over Sacramento Kings thanks to the fantastic defence performance by Lebron James. James scored 25 points with three 3 pointers shooting from behind the arc, including a contribution of 7 rebounds, 2 steals and an assist. Tyson Chandler (who has only been signed recently) began this season with three losses in a row and has now won four of their last 5 games, including taking 12 impressive rebounds this game. This is a massive addition to the Lakers team and provides that edge on the defensive end that was much needed. The kings unfortunately were held to their worst field goal percentage of the season, 32 of 92 from the field. They averaged 49 percent shooting coming into the contest third best in the NBA. This I’ll be the second time the Sacramento Kings have been held below 100 points this season. The Lakers however, have definitely put the breaks on the Kings who won seven of of their past ten games with an impressive 101-86 victory! At the point in the season, the Lakers have acheieved 110 plus in each of their first 11 games, this makes them tied for the longest streak in franchise history to begin a season since (1961-62). It is allegedly the longest streak by any team so far to start a season since the 1983 Nuggets. It also seems now after 12 games into the season, the chemistry of the team is appearing to form. The three young players Lonzo, Kumza and Ingram look as if they have now found their comfort on the team. “We’re now in sinc” said Kumza “we knew the game plan and everyone followed it well” Tyson chandler had been the addition of center which is a another significant factor. I think he provides many things as Javale provides. Providing a rim protector, lob option pick and rolls, championship experience, James - like communication skills and more. He’s the perfect man for the Lakers. This was further demonstrated by Tyson Chandler in today’s matchup with the Lakers against the Atlanta Hawks where Tyson Chandler got the game winning block to seal the deal and get the Lakers a 107-106 win. Lebron James scored 26 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists further demonstrating his usual MVP standards and helping the Lakers get the win and improving their record to 7 wins and 6 losses. The Lakers are showing very good signs and hopefully can continue this win streak which is exciting basketball for all to watch! Please leave a comment below and follow if you enjoy reading my action packed articles!

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