Pete, Me and our daughter-n-law, Kary --Picture mine

Here I sit on the first Saturday of December watching College Football Conference Championship games. The season has gone by so fast. It seems like we only began and here we are with the regular season ending today. I am so, so sad.

Football, that is American College Football is my favorite sport. I am such a great fan of all things NCAA Football has to offer.

I love the camaraderie, the excitement, the sights and smells of the stadiums, the crazy fans, like myself. We love our teams, we love our coaches, we love our schools.

The season is almost over and that is heartbreaking for folks like myself. We live, breathe, eat and sleep football. We live for kick-off in September and look forward with anticipation and apprehension New Years, not for the new year but for the Super 6 Bowl games. We look forward and predict all year, “who will be in the Championship”?

High School Football/Fans - picture mine

We watch recruiting with enthusiasm and watch the NFL Draft with pride that “our boys” are being drafted to play with the big boys!

We keep up with high school players and which school they are committing to and what it took to get them there.

So, as bowl season approaches I am beginning to get a little sad and melancholy about the end of my favorite time of the year. Some people love Christmas or Thanksgiving and so do I, but it is Football Season that is my most favorite time of the year.

I can be that crazy fan with the foam finger and the pom-poms and my house covered in my team's colors. I can also be very obnoxious and downright mean if someone puts my team down. Even if they are correct, I don’t want anyone talking about my team. It’s kind of a family thing, you know how you can pick on your family members but you will beat someone else up if they dare try to do anything to your loved one.


As the season is getting near the end, my melancholia is for real as is my anticipation of all the bowl games and the College Football Playoffs. It sort of all melds together in a sad and excited sort of way. I suppose that is another part of why I love this sport and this season.

So help me thru’ this difficult time of my year. Tell me when the best and worst of your year in sport is.