Today is the big day! UVA travels to Blacksburg in what will hopefully be a hell of a game. If you didn't know, I graduated from VT and have always loved the Hokies. I live in VA and am closer to Charlottesville than Blacksburg, but there are a lot of fans for both teams around here. I decided to write a little poem before game-time. Hope you enjoy!

Hokies vs Hoos

Tech’s season hasn’t gone as planned

It’s really been pretty bland

There’s one game left, maybe two

They have to beat, you know Hoo

UVA is having a decent season

They usually suck without reason

This could be the game the streak ends

14 years of celebrating with my friends

It’s more than a game, it’s a rivalry

It’s a hatred of the strongest degree

“Tech is just a bunch of rednecks and hicks”

Maybe so, but Hoos are usually pricks

Who wears a suit to a game?

I think you already know their name

Their tailgate consists of cheese and wine

Beer and bourbon do us just fine

But today is all that matters again

Salvage the season with a win

UVA is favored by 4

Hopefully Tech can somehow score

They’re young and beat up and need to dig deep

If not, all of Blacksburg will surely weep

I have a bad feeling we’re going to lose

We’ll try to cheer up with some booze

The streak will probably die in misery

But 14 in a row is down in history

There you have it, just a fun little poem about the game/rivalry. Now before you bash me for bashing UVA, it really is all in good fun. I have some great friends who went to UVA so I know not all of them are pricks. Please don't be offended and just try to see the humor in it. Before this game every year, I always listen to Colin Cowherd's rant on UVA football. Every year it makes me smile so hopefully y'all will enjoy it too.

Thanks for reading! Hope you all have a super Friday!