Oregon forward Sedona Ruler posted a video showing the variations between the weight rooms at the People's Competition on Thursday and said there was sufficient space for the NCAA to add greater gear.

Ruler, a redshirt sophomore whose Ducks are set to take on South Dakota in San Antonio one week from now, was among those tearing the NCAA for the weight rooms.

"I got something to show you all. Along these lines, for the NCAA College basketball, the greatest competition in school ball for ladies … This is our weight room," she said while highlighting one pile of free loads.

"Lemme show you all the men's weight room," she said while the video slices to the exercise center at the Men's Competition in Indiana.

"Presently when photos of our weight room got delivered versus the men's, the NCAA came out with an assertion saying that it wasn't cash, it was space that was the issue," Sovereign said.

She at that point took a video to show what seemed, by all accounts, to be a great deal of room for additional machines, loads and different extras.

"Assuming you're not disturbed about this issue, you are a piece of it," she added.

The video earned response from Brilliant State Champions star Stephen Curry.

At the point when the photos initially began to flood web-based media, the NCAA delivered a proclamation saying it planned to deal with getting more exercise hardware to the ladies' ball players.