This is the line I use every year when I open up my fantasy football league. It means the season has started. It's time to start reading, learning and dreaming about the year to come. Here are some things I am looking forward to this year.

Kirby cleaning up. It's going to be different this year. Georgia lost both coordinators, all their wide receivers and a ton of talent. But Fromm and Swift are back and the recruits are bound to impress. I will go more in-depth about the Dawgs in a later post but the D and O-line are supposed to be solid so I am looking forward to a great year.

Jacob Eason is back. The former #1 QB recruit left Georgia when he was beaten out by Jake Fromm State Farm. After a year on the shelf, he is back at Washington and I think he is going to be great. I am taking Washington to make the CFP on the strength of this incredible quarterback. #1 pick in the 2020 draft.

Justin Fields is back. Former #1 QB recruit left Georgia when he couldn't beat out Jake Fromm State Farm and headed to Oiho (bad move). I think he was cleared to play this year and he is awesome. I am taking Oiho to make the CFP even though Urban left. Fields should destroy the Big Ten and get them back in the tournament.

Nick Saban has to prove himself again. I read an article and he lost tons of coaches in the off-season. He facing stiff competition throughout the SEC and has to make it happen with a new staff, again. He still has his quarterback and tons of talent. I think the competition is going to be tougher this year - if that's possible. No room for error Mr. Satan....excuse me, I meant Saban.

Mel Tucker's first year in Colorado is destined to be uneventful. Tuck is going to have to go in and coach well to win some games so he can start pulling in the recruits. Colorado is a beautiful state and now has the added advantage of off-season cannabis employment so its just a matter of time before they are sky high again. He was in Jacksonville for a while so I know he can coach. It should be fun to watch the Buffs rise from the ashes.

LSU has a quarterback. I think they have their quarterback back and their coach. LSU has been fighting through a lot of turmoil in the last couple of years but they always have talent. Look for LSU to give Bama a run for their money.

Mizzou will be tough. I am a fan of Barry Odom. Some prognosticators think he will be 8-0 when they play Georgia. Wow, that will be a game. Odom is a great coach so I won't be surprised if he makes some noise this year. The have Kelley Bryant of Clemson fame which should help them a bit. Their strength is always their toughness. I expect great things from Barry this year.

Tom Herman and Tejas are national contenders. I had Tejas picked for the CFP preseason last year and was disappointed...early in the season. Tejas came through later in the year including a win over the Dawgs in the Sugar Bowl. I am taking them to make the CFP again this year. I think the Big 12 may be on the upswing. Texas, Okla, Okla St and Texas Tech have been interesting lately.

Jeremy Pruitt has to make it happen on the field for Tennessee. His first season was mostly unimpressive but don't let that fool you. Kirby lost to Vandy in his first season. It's not unusual for college coaches to take a year to get their ship right. He can recruit. Now he has to prove he can coach. On a side note, Jeremy stole our offensive coordinator during the off-season. Jim Chaney went from the penthouse to the outhouse. We are going to roll that port-o-potty down the hill.

Scott Frost surprises the Big Ten. Speaking of second-year coaches, watch Frost get some big wins in the Big Ten. I don't think he is going to take the conference because he has too far to go but Big Red is back. He will put the Big Ten on notice.

Dan Mullin has to take his medicine. In case you haven't noticed, Mullin has a little Steve Spurrier in him. He has been talking during the off-season. When asked about it Kirby said, "We'll let our helmets do our talking." I can't wait.

FSU has to wake up. Their recruiting wasn't exceptional but Taggart should come into this year a little more settled than last year. Once again, it's his second year so watch him closely. I am not sold on him yet but the ACC is exceptionally weak so a little improvement puts him in the hunt.

So that's just a few of the things I am looking forward to the year in college football. I may seem a little excited and too optimistic for being this far out. I am always that way. As my wise old Uncle Morgan used to say, "Optimism is for the morning. Regret is for the night. Don't get it backwards or you will eff up your whole day."

Tell me the thing you are looking forward to or the thing you most want to see happen. Lick the stamp and drop it in the comments.