The American football league XFL, which emerged as an alternative to the NFL and made a name for itself with its compromise to hardness, ended after the bankruptcy of its parent company. This news came on the first working day following the league's decision to halt all operations and temporarily lay off employees.

Parent company Alpha Entertainment announced the total debt of XFL, while St. The company named Louis Sports Commission took the lead with $ 1.6 million, while eight head coaches of the eight-team league were announced to be at the top of the list.

In the statement made by XFL, the bankruptcy decision was linked to the coronavirus pandemic and said, `` XFL managed to win the hearts of millions of football lovers in a very short time. But as a fairly new organization, we do not have the strength to handle the economic consequences of the COVID-19 crisis. Our bankruptcy will be a huge disappointment to all fans, players and coaches. Thank you to everyone who supported us, including our TV partners. '' Expressions were included.

The owner of the league, Vince McMahon, who is also the CEO of WWE, has not received any statements regarding the bankruptcy of XFL. XFL's operations manager, Jeffery Pollack, announced the temporary layoffs and the cessation of operations at a virtual meeting Friday, but did not make any statement that the league would collapse. There are also rumors that the league was sold during this bankruptcy process.

The XFL, which first started by targeting college football and American football audiences devoid of NFL after the end of the NFL season in 2001, was not held again until 2018 after the season when Los Angeles Xtreme was champion, but McMahon returned the league in 2018. had returned.

Having spent two years as a preparation period, XFL officially opened its doors to football fans with eight teams in February, just like in the 2001 season. The League had five weeks behind the new season before halting operations due to the pandemic. Although the league was promised to be played in 2021, after the famous WWE event WrestleMania 36 held on April 4-5, McMahon started to make negative statements about the future of XFL.

The famous backup quarterback of Pittsburgh Steelers Landry Jones wore Dallas Renegades, former Oakland Raiders quarterback Connor Cook wearing Houston Roughnecks, and other well-known NFL figures such as Cardale Jones, Kony Ealy and Antonio Callaway. He made an offer to Johnny Manziel, one of the biggest disappointments in NFL history, but Manziel, who was unemployed for a long time, did not choose XFL to return to American football.

Manziel explained the reason for his decision in a Tweet he posted at that time: `` I won't play in a league where I will be packed in the middle of the season and in danger of being put on the door. ''

Being an old first-round pick, Manziel, who was overshadowed by the events he got involved in off the field after his wrong decisions in his NFL career, was perhaps the first and only right decision in his professional career for XFL.