It feels good watching rivals flounder. The bigger the flop the better.

This is Schadenfreude Sunday where I take big missed opportunities and mistakes for our enjoyment. First podcast episode of mine in a while.

Is it mean? Maybe.

Is it entertaining? Oh you betcha.


I watched this happen in real time and audibly cackled. This was one of the flukiest plays I have ever seen in my life. Like a pee wee level touchdown not just in the fact that the offense recovered but the fact no defenders could wrap him up as he ran through those arm tackles. Like I said in the video, they may actually be cursed haha.

I am man enough to admit the faults on teams I like, such as the defense of my poor pewter pirates. But you have to admit only from sad fans and teams like these Vols can we create gems like this.

Front porch football

Until next time this is Swolesome.

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