Unsure if any of you guys have been watching Texas A&M but I have. As our great Jimbo Fisher left FSU he went to A&M and is really commanding a powerful Texas team. While they are at 1 - 2, A&M had multiple chances to take down #2 Clemson on the opener of the season and almost pulled it off. Losing by 2 points puts a statement to Alabama, and while I'm an Alabama fan here, I can't help to equally appreciate good football, great D and trick plays. 

Everyone says never bet against performance with Alabama, even with a stellar O line and 2 QB's that are some of the greatest talent in Bama history do we see them beating a very strong A&M team by 27? 

Here's my take. I DO believe that Alabama will win this game on Saturday at home, will they win by 4 touchdowns I really don't see that happening. I think Texas A&M is a different team this year, and i really believe with Jimbo at the helm it will be much closer than people think. If Clemson was a bit of a struggle for the win and a win by 2 vs a 13 point favorite as the opener while A&M was leading part of that game, I really don't see 27 points being covered here. 

Take the points here, and get them early. Its going to drop to 24.5 - 25.5 in that range by Saturday. 

I really believe that Alabama will win but it'll be closer then you think. 

Taking 3 stars of 5 early on Texas A&M with -27 points. 

I think that is a solid win for us. Get em early. 

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