The women's handball team will play its tenth World Championship in December, eighth in a row. It will do so despite losing 32-31 in Reykjavik to Iceland in the second leg of a qualifying round that was resolved practically in the first half hour of the first leg (21-7). As it happened in that one, the Warriors dominated the first time (13-15) and yielded the initiative in the second one, but the luck of the eliminatory one never went in danger with the nine goals of advantage that Spain took. Before the defense 5: 1 of the Icelanders, the 'Guerreras' opened the game by the extremes, which became their best offensive weapon, with Jeniffer Gutiérrez and Maitane Etxeberría, to which Sole López subsequently joined. Among them they scored 8 of the first 11 points of the team, which gave the maximum advantage in the game (8-11), maintained practically until the break (13-15). Behind started well, but the Icelandic proved to have more resources than those exhibited in the first leg and kept on the lookout, first with the central Knightsdottir, later with the powerful pivot Palsdottir and always the Hauksdottir end. In the second half the game of Spain He experienced a low tension, materialized in a sequence of turnovers that the rivals did not forgive. Carlos Viver reproached his players in a time-out when the Icelanders put themselves ahead (23-21): "We relax, fuck." Iceland increased the intensity of its defense, with outbursts of hardness, but were again Etxeberría and Gutiérrez, along with the seven meters transformed by Nerea Pena, who returned the initiative on the scoreboard to Spain.

This lasted until the last two minutes (30-30), when the 'Warriors' suffered two consecutive exclusions that Iceland took advantage to collect two points of advantage and take an innocuous victory. In this qualification round they accompany Spain to the World Cup Germany, Denmark , Sweden, Norway, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Hungary, plus France as world champion, Russia, the Netherlands and Romania for Europe.