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Olympic Hockey Medalist Immediately Yanks off Her Silver Because Only Gold Is Acceptable
The Canadian ladies' hockey group simply needed to make due with silver, yet one player couldn't keep it around her neck. Group USA crushed its long-term archrival Canada 3-2 out of a strain stuffed sudden death round shootout on Thursday. Some Canadian hockey players sobbed, however the misfortune was particularly pounding for Jocelyne Larocque. After the post-diversion function, resistance powerhouse Larocque could just remain to take a gander at the silver hung around her neck for a couple of moments before she yanked it off and grasped it. It's simply hard," the 2014 Sochi gold medalist said after the occasion. "You buckle down. We needed gold however didn't get it." In any case, Laroque didn't have much time to lament for Team Canada's lost gold. An authority from the International Ice Hockey Federation blocked the protector on her way to the locker room and educated her that she was committed to wear the decoration as indicated by IIHF rules, Canada's Globe and Mail revealed. Inquired as to whether the silver award, at that point dangling from her neck, was any relief, Laroque said "once we reflect. Be that as it may, now, not right now." Second place can make probably the fiercest contenders shine with satisfaction. In any case, for a champ from Canada, silver simply doesn't cut it. That is on account of Canada has become used to ruling the Olympics, gathering up the brilliant equipment each and every time since the U.S. anchored the first-since forever ladies' ice hockey gold award at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan. This was the primary shootout in Olympic ladies' hockey history.

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