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Justin Fields is Leaving Georgia
I have purposely avoided articles today about Justin Fields. Partly because I am a Bulldog fan and there is some regret. But mostly its because there is a lot of the verbal flatulence after events like this which are nothing more than emotional releases from fans who see everything from the vantage point of "what is best for my team" and I hate everyone who doesn't want to play there. You may be the same way. I am too up to a point and this is one of those points. So let's just have a discussion about:Should Fields stay loyal to his Georgia team and stay put?Does this hurt Georgia?Are transfers like this hurting the game?Where should Fields go? I am sure most Bulldog fans are disappointed he's leaving. There is no doubt he is an incredible talent and deserved to be rated the #1 quarterback in the country coming out of high school. I hope he does stay loyal to Georgia and doesn't feel the need to trash the school to justify his decision. But does his loyalty require him to stay at Georgia? I don't think so. I think if the young man is thoughtful then the Bulldog nation and his former teammates will understand and wish him well. If he disrespectful then he will find that he wasted his time at Georgia. It would be a shame for him to spend a year there and end up a pariah, especially since he is a Georgia kid and grew up rooting for the dawgs Perhaps I would feel differently if the move was a serious blow to our team or our program. It's not. Don't forget we had the #1 quarterback in the country on the team a couple of years ago and he was great. Eason will be playing for the Washington Huskies next year. It didn't hurt the team that he left and maybe we would have been better with him instead of Fromm (that's my opinion) but the coach didn't think so and we have moved on. It really isn't as much about whether the team going to be better or worse on the field; it's whether the transfer is indicative of success or failure of the coach or the program. In both cases, Eason and Fields, its indicative of success. Great players do not shy away from competition. They also don't let failure define them. Georgia is a great program and Fields is a great player. We will just keep on rolling. Some people, in fact a lot of people, will disagree with the move because they think it's bad for the game. The university offered a contract and the player needs to honor the contract. The worst thing that can happen to the player is that he gets an education. I don't agree with this sentiment. For too long the coaches and institutions held all the power. They do not always do what's best for the player. The player is responsible for doing what's best for the player. Yes, I am a free market conservative almost to a fault. We are in a state of flux right now and I don't know what the correct answer is but I think a young man with great talent and work ethic shouldn't become a victim of a capricious coach. The equation needs to be balanced out and giving players more choice looks like the right approach. I also think it can help the game by allowing players to take a chance and compete at their first choice knowing they can go somewhere else and play if need be. Once again, look at Eason. Washington would have been in the playoffs, Eason would have either another year of college or be a Jag next year if he hadn't had to sit out. That year he sat out did not do anything to help anyone; what a waste. Really what everyone wants to know is where is Fields going? I have an Oiho friend that wants him in Columbus. Half the state of Florida wants him in Tallahassee. I bet there's one coach that really wants him in Miami. He will also probably consider Oklahoma, the home of the Heisman. I don't think he goes to Columbus unless Urban has a change of heart. Tallahassee has no O line so it looks like too much risk. Fields only has one more shot to get it right so I expect him to play it safe and go to Oklahoma or maybe Michican't. But that just my opinion I haven't read it anywhere. In any case, I am not too surprised. I didn't think he was a good fit because of his style and I also think Fromm needs to play four years in college. That would only give Fields his senior year to run the team. This is the price of success at Georgia. Great players come and great players go. I will always be a Jacob Eason fan. I hope I can say the same thing about Justin Fields. As my wise old Uncle Morgan used to say, Everybody wants to be a hero until they have to carry the fat lady down the ladder.