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The 3 Most Winning Institutions in NCAA Basketball History
Image created in Canva We are in a month full of emotions, soon we would be to know who classified the Playoffs of the best basketball in the world the NBA, but this month of March specifically the 19, begin one of the most exciting championships in what has basketball is referred to as a sporting discipline, at least for my taste, of all the world championships that take place in the year. For this reason in this publication, I want to show you what the NCAA brings with it and who the most winning instructions are. The best U.S. universities compete in very exciting games, this tournament is played every year since 1939, is always full of many emotions, incredible plays, great talents that allow us to meet the future stars of the NBA in this sport. In order to learn about its history, the inaugural tournament was won by Oregon and the last champion we know was the Villanova institution, but neither of these two universities is among the most successful in history. These institutions, with the highest number of titles are: Source UCLA - Source Kentucky - Source North CarolinaUCLA: This tops the list with 11 titles, winning the first one in 1964 and the last one in 1995. As an added value, players such as "Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Reggie Miller and Bill Walton" have passed through its ranks.Kentucky: With 8 titles, this University is unique among the best in the NCAA, obtaining its first championship in 1948 and having the most recent in 2012. Players such as "Anthony Davis and Rajon Rondo" were part of this institution.North Carolina: With 6 championships this institution is placed in the third historical position. In 1957 they got their first title and the most recent was only in 2017. NBA historians such as "Michael Jordan, James Worthy and Vince Carter" were forged there. These were the three most winning universities in the NCAA. Do you have a favorite university? If so, leave me in the comment box your opinions about it to complete this ranking of the best universities and also continue with basketball in this month of March with the NCAA. As a gift I leave you a top with the 15 best college basketball programs. Source See you in the next post...

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