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STEEMIT VETERAN stocked up on tacklin' fuel and ready to show no mercy on Scorum
Had issues with my private key but now I am here! Here's to my first post. I stayed up till 4 am the other night just reading articles on Scorum. Can not tell you how glad I am to be here on this platform. I've cut my teeth on Steemit for the past 2 years or so. I never wrote about sports because no one seemed to care. And regardless of how much work you can put into a post. It was growingly becoming aware you needed upvote bots to get noticed or have whale friends. Quality was being replaced by ass kissing. Not my style. I want to become popular because I write the best content, not because I paid to be on trending. I just want to talk football! And a majority of people I've met on Steemit were there for crypto and couldn't tell you the difference between a long snapper and the wishbone. Almost immediately I'm noticing a difference in the quality of the content on whats trending, people are writing with passion about something they care about regardless of pay. Not to shill something. As a sports fan I do not have many options online to mingle with other fans other than talking smack under local beat writers website comment section or in the now deleted ESPN article comments. The latter which only lead to Facebook stalking your opponent and insulting their life. I am trying to pursue a career in Sports, even received a Bachelor's from UF for it. This is my life. SEC or bust. My teams are my Florida Gators, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Atlanta Braves/Tampa Bay Rays, the Bolts in hockey and I'm a casual NBA fan. And a WWE NUT! Earliest memory was watching Monday Night Raw at 3 years old with my dad. Actually going to my first house show in August. Might put on my Macho Man Halloween costume for giggles. Here's to sports! P.s If you don't know what movie my clip is from, we can't be friends.
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