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100 SCR NCAA Football Survivor Contest Week 3 Recap: I'm Out! Are You Still Alive?
What an amazing week of college football! I have been knocked out of my own pool with one of the biggest upsets I have seen in years and several other heavy favorites also went down. The pool just got a lot smaller, so check below to see if you're still in the running for the 100 SCR grand prize. If you are among those still alive, make sure to visit my blog next week to make your pick before Friday night at 11:59 PM CDT. Here are the results from week 3 and who is still left. Week 3 Contest Statistics Entries: 29 (45 participated in week1) Knocked Out: 15 (31 knocked out since beginning of contest) Teams Responsible for Knockouts: Did not pick a team (6), Virginia Tech (3), Oklahoma State (2), Oregon (1), Mississippi State (1), Georgia Tech (1), Kansas State (1) Players Left Standing: 14 Craziest Pick That Worked: Michigan State (@izge) Week 3 Results Six of the top 25 teams suffered losses on Saturday, making it the most interesting and devastating week of the still young college football season. The biggest upset by a mile was formerly 0-3 Old Dominion, a 28-point underdog, who rose to the challenge, beating #13 Virginia Tech. Here are the results for the top 25 teams who were in action on Saturday: Georgia (#2) @ Missouri: Georgia Notre Dame (#8) @ Wake Forest: Notre Dame Nebraska @ Michigan (#19): Michigan Boston College (#23) @ Purdue: Purdue Texas A&M (#22) @ Alabama (#1): Alabama Clemson (#3) @ Georgia Tech: Clemson Tulane @ Ohio State (#4): Ohio State Kansas State @ West Virginia (#12): West Virginia Virginia Tech (#13) @ Old Dominion: Old Dominion Florida International @ Miami (#21): Miami TCU (#17) @ Texas: Texas McNeese @ BYU (#25): BYU Army @ Oklahoma (#5): Oklahoma (barely) Louisiana Tech @ LSU (#6): LSU Mississippi State (#14) @ Kentucky: Kentucky Texas Tech @ Oklahoma State (#15): Texas Tech Arkansas @ Auburn (#9): Auburn Michigan State (#24) @ Indiana: Michigan State Stanford (#7) @ Oregon (#20): Stanford Wisconsin (#18) @ Iowa: Wisconsin Arizona State @ Washington (#10): Washington Who's Left? Instead of telling you all who got knocked out, from now on I will focus on who is still alive in the competition. We are now in the home stretch, so you should be very proud if you're still in the competition. If on this list, you are one step closer to winning 100 SCR! Those who are still alive include: @heyimsnuffles @robbijg @izge @thesportsguru @pete @potplucker @thebull @broncofan99 @tadas @bamamama @chops316 @news @writingamigo @swolesome Make sure to submit your pick this week. I will release the entry blog post on Wednesday this next week. Congratulations if you're still in. If you're out like I am, don't worry, we'll have more competitions in the future. Thank you for playing and please still engage with these posts for some fun. Thanks for all of your support here on Scorum!

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