And today I saw why I quit watching. Two obvious pass interference calls not called in the early game. Roughing the passer that didn't even remotely happen followed by giving the Patriots a completion on an obvious incomplete pass (that was overturned correctly when a similar play was going the other way earlier) in the late game.

I thought I was just joking that the NFL is rigged.

Which is why I stopped watching after the "tuck rule" game. If there had been a more "patriotic" team name than "Patriots" immediately after 9/11/01, guaranteed they'd be the ones winning every other Super Bowl since.

The fix is in

Not only obvious pass interference, but helmet-to-helmet? I hope the sideline judge standing right there is fired and #23 for the Rams gets a huge fine.

Football? Or Sarcastaball?

That's only roughing when Roger Goodell is in the stands and someone dares to touch his boyfriend. Come on, you can't even brush your arm on his shirt without a 15-yard penalty?

I should state that I'm neither a Saints nor a Chiefs fan. I just want to see a good game that isn't decided by referees making bonehead calls.