It is the third round of SPL November 2018. What is SPL you can find out here. Anyone can participate and win the prize 25.5 SCR.

Sponsorship prize pool November (245 SCR) :

@viktars - 100 SCR

steemsender - 30 SCR

@sashank - 10 SCR

@cayelispor53 - 10 SCR

@barbadosso rewards - 75 SCR

@barbadosso bets - 20 SCR

Sponsorship prize pool December (15 SCR) :

@barbadosso rewards - 10 SCR

@barbadosso bets - 5 SCR

If you want to sponsor SPL please feel free to contact me on the comments

1st round results:

Manchester City - Manchester United 3:1

Milan - Juventus 0:2

Sevilla - Espanyol 2:1


Premier Division:

First Division:

Second Division:

SPL November 2018 rules:

November 2018 consists of 7 rounds and additional one if need. Additional round is a tie-breaker only for prize or 3 relegation places if these participants score equal points.

14 participants of Premier Division: @kp33, @giornalista, @akarsufaruk, @stanleyasokingz, @alex3503, @racso87, @davor27, @baker-news, @bartiemich, @prates, @mashulkin, @pokal, @cayelispor53, @andreas-infos. They must confirm participation by sending a buy-in of 3 SCR.

14 participants of First Division: @grof, @barbadosso, @voiceoff, @ingiltere, @okn, @stiv2512, @rachana, @evladar, @jsock, @sambatt, @gercekler, @sashank, @writingamigo, @romcos. They must confirm participation by sending a buy-in of 2 SCR.

In Second division anyone can take part. You just need to send a buy-in of 1 SCR.

Participants can get up to10 points in every round. The total amount of points in seven rounds will determine the place in the standings.

Participants of Premier and First divisions who will occupy 12, 13 and 14 places will relegate to the lower division.

Participants of First and Second divisions who will occupy 1, 2 and 3 places will move to the upper division.

The prize pool of each division will consist of buy-ins and sponsorship pool. This amount will be divided in such shares: 1st place - 50%, 2nd - 30%, 3rd - 20%.

Sponsorship prize pool (245 SCR) will be divided in such shares: Premier - 50%, First - 30%, Second - 20%.

Estimated prize pool for Premier Division: 164.5 SCR (14*3+245*50%).

Estimated prize pool for First Division: 101.5 SCR (14*2+245*30%).

Estimated prize pool for Second Division: not less 51 SCR (2*1+245*20%).

The one who scores the most points in seven rounds of Premier Division will be announced the champion. The champion will also get 82.25 SCR (164.5*50%), the second place - 49.35 SCR, the third place - 32.9 SCR.

The one who scores the most points in seven rounds of First Division will get 50.75 SCR (101.5*50%), the second place - 30.45 SCR, the third place - 20.3 SCR.

The one who scores the most points in seven rounds and participate in at least 3 rounds of Second Division will get not less 25.5 SCR (51*50%), the second place - not less 15.3 SCR, the third place - not less 10.2 SCR.

Predict the results:

3 points: 18/11/18 Atlanta Falcons - Dallas Cowboys

3 points: 18/11/18 Washington Redskins - Houston Texans

3 points: 18/11/18 Indianapolis Colts - Tennessee Titans

You will get 1 point if you guess all 3 results.


Atlanta Falcons

Washington Redskins

Indianapolis Colts


Before the first event begins

Good luck!

SPL Bounty

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@grof +, @barbadosso +, @voiceoff +, @ingiltere +, @okn ?, @stiv2512 ?, @rachana ?, @evladar +, @jsock +, @sambatt +, @gercekler +, @sashank +, @writingamigo +, @romcos + 11 of 14

@machupicchu +, @dexpartacus + 2 of 2

Special thanks to @viktars, steemsender, @sashank and @cayelispor53 for the SPL sponsorship!

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Trivia: In which city is Dallas Cowboys headquartered?