Hi here is BehindTheBack and we begin with Melvin Gordon and what his future actually holds couple of new things here really for the Chargers in Gordon. Number one LA has given Gordon permission to go out and seek a trade with other NFL teams they also in this overly the same time of timing here said they have tabled counted extensions and they were contract talks and there will be no extension until the end of the year add it all up together.

I think Melvin Gordon has overplayed his hand I think he's made a mistake in his contract negotiations with the LA Chargers now previous reports indicated that the Chargers were offering Gordon about 10 million a year somewhere in that range but Gordon apparently went a little bit more like the David Johnson deal more than the thirteen million dollar range two sides didn't agree and Melvin Gordon chose to hold out here's the problem is Melvin Gordon really worth 13 million per year.

I don't think that he is I don't think the Melvin Gordon is a top three top four highest-paid back in the NFL now if you bring him in at ten million as a top four highest-paid back and then once Zeke gets patently matter in the end that's a different conversation I think 10 million was fair Gordon wanted more though and the Chargers do have some depth at the running back position Austin Eckler Justin Jackson are those guys as good as Melvin Gordon no of course not but they can produce they can get the Chargers by and frankly a fraction of the cost.

I think Melvin Gordon should have taken that 10 million dollars there and frankly been happy with it there instead there's like yeah go find a trade knowing he's not going to and on top of that saying at least claiming I don't know if I actually believe that because I think if Gordon came back and today I'll do 10 or nine I think I think the charge we can sign him up at that point I think the Chargers are like yeah Gordon goats show goat and see what you can get knowing the answer is gonna be sorry an element but no thanks so with all this in mind what team will Melvin Gordon play for in 2020 that is next year not this coming.




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